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  1. the_ghost

    any 1 remember me??

    used to be an active user on EF but due to some personal probs ive been unable to post. but now im back and ready to get back helping out in the forums. any warm welcomes will be appreciated thanks
  2. the_ghost


    Where has all the activity gone? This forum was such a cool place to post your questions, games, arguements, and even just post spam on the honka. I remember a forum where you would post a question and get a quick reply. Now its LIKE we are neglecting EZ. But we all mean well, I mean we all have...
  3. the_ghost

    Post your Myspace profile

    Ok so I thought this would be a good idea seeing as almost everybody has a Myspace page. well if you want your privacy then dont post it on the forum just click on the link that you want to see, sign in to your Myspace and add your friend. (or just use the PM method) please post here if your...
  4. the_ghost

    Need help w/PSP MAME emulator

    I having trouble getting MAME4ALL to find my roms. Does any body know how to fix this
  5. the_ghost

    He's Back!

    hmmm Does anybody even remember me? well if u do, whats up? I haven't been around becuase my computer fried on me and threw it out the window. im getting a new one soon so Im using my PSP to post this. btw I love this portable emulation stuff. its fun
  6. the_ghost

    I'm Back

    Well Hey nice to be able to post here again after the power source on my alienware fried and took some other components with it. Well its fixed now and better than it ever was before. I'm Back E-Z.
  7. the_ghost

    ASPI I figured I'd put this here since sometimes people need it and they don't know that they do. Adaptecs own version of Force ASPI. This will install Adaptecs ASPI Layer on your computer...
  8. the_ghost

    GAME: Google Yourself!

    Ok, this is a game that I seen on another forum. Just Type your E-Z forum name into a google box and search. Find something funny and post a link to it here, If nothing funny comes up then try seaching images or something. heres what came up on my name...
  9. the_ghost

    Complete list of mame games

    wassup guys. ok so I downloaded a dvd image (nrg) that is exactly 4.35GB it was named "mame0.85 1/7" (sort of like what the person in this thread Downloaded, exept hers has a "4/7" at the end not "1/7) mame did not come on the image, it came with about 2000+ roms on it (but no MAME). all the...
  10. the_ghost

    Animating sprites?

    can any one here animate sprites? its so cool but i cant animate them I want to make an animated avatar using sprites from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 I want to have Smokes winning stance animated with all of the smoke puffs coming out can someone help me...
  11. the_ghost

    Ghost Recon 3 (X360)

    New ghost recon 3 trailer ( I think its the new one) Looks great, I cant wait. But that cant be actual gameplay graphics. If this is what next gen games will look like, then were in for a treat
  12. the_ghost

    what the best xbox mod-chip?

    well Im thinking of my xbox modded, so if anybody here has any recomendations as to which modchip is the best please post the name of it. Of couse I want to be able swap the HD to a bigger one so I could load games/emulators onto it and it doesnt matter if I have to solder it. thanks.
  13. the_ghost

    playing roms from cd

    Well my ROM collection is getting a little out of hand and they are taking up alot of hard drive space. Basicly I wanna burn my roms onto a CD-R and play them on the emulator from there.(I dont want to waste CD-R's if mess up) Will the emulator be able to read them? I only need to do this...
  14. the_ghost

    SNESstation runs on the PS2 emulator

    I downloaded SNESstation(its an SNES emulator for the PS2), it came as an ISO. I mounted it with alcohol and and reburned it with about 400 SNES roms. THEN I made another ISO. Now since my PS2 isn't chipped/modded I thought Id conduct another experiment. I downloaded PCSX2(PS2 emulator) I used...
  15. the_ghost

    Next generation console wars!

    It might be to early to post this thread but seeing as how there are alot of different polls going up I had to make make this one. its multiple choice so be honest.
  16. the_ghost

    AVI sound problems

    Im having problems with sound on my avi,divx dvd rip or whatever you want to call it. The problem is the sound is very late, like 8 seconds late, Its very annoying. You would see somebodys lips moving but the words that they are speaking are not in sync. This is not the first problem i had...
  17. the_ghost

    Game intro's on the psp emulator

    ok I just got my psp yesterday and im already trying to hack it and play emulators on it. So I got some "EBOOT.PBP" files from another forum. This is what i did. I uploaded it and put EBOOT.PBP under This folder: /PSP/GAME/Ridge Racer/ as you may know sony has updated the psp bios so it can...
  18. the_ghost

    Palm OS emulator Language Problem

    dont mind the spoiler I already solved my problem Well i feel like a dumbass. It seems that the emulator that I Downloaded came with the rom already written into the emulator, i didnt know this [ i have my own m505 rom image that i got from my own palmpilot ] well any ways I put the rom image...
  19. the_ghost

    xbox 360

    looks cool or: im gonna buy it the minute its released even if i gotta spend $500+
  20. the_ghost

    Next big game from Rockstar

    The Warriors Do any of you remember the movie well Rockstar is making a game about it and it looks like its going to be BIG Check it out **if i find a better link ill post it but for now this will have to do**