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  1. duhprest - How do the GameSaves work?

    They have game saves for different gameboy advance games. Are they meant for emulation or what?
  2. duhprest

    Trading from Pokemon Crystal to Pokemon Ruby?

    What is the best, and most easiest, way of doing this?
  3. duhprest

    Keeping saved files of VBA and assigning them to another game?

    Hi. I've got pokemon yellow and I've been playing it for a while. I have been using VBA to play it. The rom image of pokemon yellow is in a .zip folder. The problem is, I want to extract the file in the zip folder and still keep the saved data. This is becaue other programs, that I'm trying to...
  4. duhprest

    Trading from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Yellow. Help!

    I've heard a lot of different methods on these forums, and none of which I am familiar with. what is the easiest way to exchange pokemon from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Yellow?