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    any working ds emulators?

    hi a friend of mine claims to have successfully emulated mario ds is there an emulator that can do that when i try they all crash...
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    help please

    hi i was wondering if it is possible to use the mouse in mame for shooting games like Lethal Enforcers. can you configure it, or do you need to download a plugin anything? o yeah and i'm using mame32. tankz :p
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    help with mame!!!

    hi i'm a first-time mame user. how do you play a game? :o i'm just so confused... I have the rom for area51 downloaded but now what? :confused:
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    help with pj64!!!

    hi when i load the game it is cut off and only in the bottom left of the screen is something wrong with my video settings or is it just the rom or what? please help!
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    can you play n64 roms on ps2?

    hi i have a modded ps2 is it possible to burn n64 games on a cd or dvd and play them on the ps2? do you need to convert the n64 roms into a different kind of file?
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    how do you rip a ps1 game into an ISO?

    hi i was wondring how do you rip a ps1 game into an ISO? That way it would just save me the trouble of having to pop in FF7 every time. can you give me a method? thankz :p
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    can you play a gamecube game from your cd drive?

    hi im kinda new to this stuff... i was wondering if you could just pop a gamecube game into your cd drive and play it. do you need an emulator, or do you have to rip it into a certain file tipe or something like that? thanks. :D