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  1. Eastwood

    Using Gameshark On Any N64 Emulator

    I know I already posted asking about using Gameshark in Project 64 (that thread can be deleted I guess, if the mods want to do so) but since I never got any responses I figured I'd ask if there are any Gameshark-compatible N64 emulators at all out there. And, if so, how do they work, or what...
  2. Eastwood

    Project 64 Ver. 1.5.: Using Gameshark

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to use Gameshark codes in the N64 emulator, 'Project 64' (version 1.5) I know there is the GS Button under System, but nothing happens when I enable it; do I need to download additional files or some kind of patch? Any help would be greatly...