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  1. retroguiden

    Computer Problem: How to access my Xbox HDD?

    I recently got an Xbox (not 360) and I thought that I would be able to hook it up to my router and gain access to the contents of the hard drive. Well, no such luck yet. Is it possible and if so how can I accomplish that? (The Xbox is modded and I run W7 on my comp if that helps...)
  2. retroguiden down?

    Anyone have any news on Seems the site (or even the host) is down...
  3. retroguiden

    Emulator Problem: MESS Configuration

    I decided to try out MSX emulation with MESS. Both MSX and MESS are new to me (when it comes to emulation). I get the various options for graphics and sound but I can't figure out where to put the bios file. I always try to read the help file but for some reason the people behind MESS didn't...
  4. retroguiden

    Am I missing a file in this ISO?

    Um, yeah. So I thought I was going to play a copy of Akumajou Dracula X Chi no Rondo, also known as Castlevania: Dracula X on Ootake. But when I unpacked the RAR file I couldn't find a single file to mount. (I almost always use Daemon tools). There are 2 (!) cue files but no bin file. I was told...
  5. retroguiden

    Registry hack?

    I hope there's a lot of registry knowledgable people out there because I think it's the only way to go for my problem, if there's even a solution. I use Win XP and let my taskbar disappear down and out of view by default. Since it's double the height I don't want it obstructing the view of my...
  6. retroguiden

    Hacker on WinUAE

    There doesn't seem to be many Amiga emulator users here since my last question regarding a game on WinUAE gathered 75 views but 0 replies, but since the WinUAE site is down at the moment I might as well try a question here. I've been trying to get Hacker (the first Activision game from 1987) to...
  7. retroguiden

    Why is Ocarina of Time so great?

    Ok, here is my problem. I'm currently writing some kind of retro review of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and a couple of hours (at most) into the game I'm kind of running back and forth just liking it a bit. Not loving it. It feels like I'm walking around waiting for the game's true greatness to reveal...
  8. retroguiden

    Problem with Seven cities of gold on WinUAE

    I've been trying to get Seven cities of gold to work in WinUAE. I get to the main menu and press 'Start new game'. After that the EA logo pops up for a couple of seconds and then the drive count stops at 77 and the screen goes blank. Anyone with ideas? (other than faulty adf file).
  9. retroguiden

    Missing game manuals

    Are there any more good sites out there that tries to preserve game documentation? So far I know of this site: And if any moderator's wondering, the above link does not lead to copyrighted material. They do not post manuals against a company's will.
  10. retroguiden

    Sound issues and weird Area code reset

    Ok, I've been trying the SSF 010 prototype for a while and I have som small issues with the sound. It's kind of choppy and it's a bit irritating. Now, I know that you might expect problems with a beta or (in this case) prototype, but I just want to know if anyone has had this problem and maybe...
  11. retroguiden

    Any need for anything other than PJ64?

    Well this is basically it: Is there any need for other N64 emulators when I already have PJ64? I'm currently checking out 1964 and Mupen64 but those haven't been updated in 3-5 years. Surely the pJ64 must be ahead of them by now? I tried to test the 1964 using the Super Smash Bros rom but the...
  12. retroguiden


    Hi ya' all. I'm (obviously) new here. What can I say about myself.... I'm from Sweden. I've been writing game reviews för Swedish papers and web sites for a few years, but right now I'm concentrating on my blog 'Retroguiden' in which I focus on retrogaming end emulation. Anyone from Sweden, or...
  13. retroguiden

    DEGA site down?

    It seems that the website for Dega has expired. ( Does anyone know if there is a new one, or why or if Dave can be contacted in some way. I doubt his finalburn-mail will work. Thanks in advance!