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    project 64 2.0 Update
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    rpcs3 updates topic

    hello in this new thread I will post all the updates for the ps3 emulator ( rpcs3 ) I wont post links here just whats new and the links you will find at the site
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    rpcs3 updates

    hello new version of rpcs3 rpcs3 r47 - Added all SPU instructions to the DisAsm - First part of the non-float SPU instructions implemented in the Interpreter it will be uploaded tomorrow
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    rpcs3 update is coming

    Hello The Alpha emulator rpcs3 for ps3 has a new update which fixes a lot of issues really and support the 64 bit system and to fix crashing after stop emulation......... I sent to the admin a PM with whats new and links Wait for it Remeber It doesnt run games for now Pretty please if you...
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    new ps3 emulator added to the site

    please go and check ps3 emulators you will see a new emulator project added its in alpha stages ADMIN NOTE: This does not currently play commercial games!
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    overclocking help

    hi i have intel i3 cpu 2120 3.3ghz im trying to play wii games on my pc but...... i always get only 22fps i want to improve it to 26fps so i must overclock my cpu but how and i dont want to that in the bios just to download a program to do that and how much speed my cpu will be to get that...
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    Please help

    Hi I'm playing a game for the GameCube on dolphin It's on the lowest settings and it just 70% speed But this game is also for ps2 should I get this version and play it using pcsx2 Good to know That ps2 games that I'm playing on pcsx2 are too for wii I have Also the wii versions Pcsx2 runs...
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    Good news from dolphin site

    Hi I read an article and many threads in dolphin forums It's about the dolphin 4.0 they said that it will be at the end of this year and you can play wii games at full speed on even pentium 2 ( I don't know if this true ) and they said...... Ok just see this...
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    should i get....

    hi every one i want to play sonic unleashed 2 versions the first one is for ps2 and wii im playing this version on dolphin emulator at playable speed and the second version is for xbox 360 and ps3 i want to get this version ( downloading ) and you know it will be at least 6GB im waiting for...
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    I just want to know

    Hi I just want to know when the xbox 360 emulator will be made I see that there is no problem with the graphics cards and no problem with the ram 16 g is enough Now the CPU With intel i5 CPU I was able to play wii games with full speed Now there are I7 CPU I7 extreme CPU I9 coming soon I...
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    how to speed up my cpu

    hi guys i want to play sonic unleashed wii on dolphin my cpu is intel core i3 3.3ghz and 4g ram so i see that my cpu runs at 60% speed and dolphin runs at 80% so i want to speed my cpu up to 80% speed to run dolphin at full speed can you tell me how can i controle my cpu speed note : i dont...
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    Finally a good xbox emulator

    Here is an xbox 360 emulator That isn't in the site you should add it It is dxbx It has a big compatibility list The link
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    I found a 3ds emulator!!!!!

    Hi I found a 3ds emulator It's new and this is the first version of it it's a beta And it runs super Mario 3d land May be there are some problems because it's new If it works You will upload it on the site won't you Ok when the second version come out ( it will be updated ) we can upoload...
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    I got a new pc will it run pcsx2 60fps

    CPU. Intel i3 3.3ghs Gpu. 1g Ram 4g
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    Why there is no any perfect xbox emulator

    Why there is no any perfect xbox emulator I mean xeon just for halo And cxbx for some stupid games why there is no good emulator for xbox For ps2 there is pcsx2 and it's really perfect For gamecube and WII there is dolphin and its also good And there are emulators for dreamcast But why there...
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    can i use pcsx2 0.9.4

    hi i have Intel Pentium 4 CPU i know that its not good but can i play sonic unleashed on it i mean using pcsx2 0.9.4 with more than 7 % speed here is pcsx2 0.9.4 min r AMD 64 or Intel Pentium 4 (VM Build will not work with non SSE2 CPU's) 512MB of RAM Pixel Shader 2.0 supporting card
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    what is you favorite song or music

    i like this Endless Possibilities lyrics post your best songs and music here
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    Xbox 360 Emulator v3.2 + Video Tutorial!!!

    Xbox 360 Emulator v3.2 + Video Tutorial QUOTE This is latest Xbox 360 Emulator v3.2 Xbox emulator v3.2 System requirements 1.5 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver Video...
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    nogba white screen problem

    hi im trying to play sonic games on nogba like sonic rush and sonic colors so sonic rush worked but when i tried to run sonic colors on nogba it gave me an error and said that i need a bios files so i downloaded the bios files and they worked with all games but when i tried again to run sonic...
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    Can I play wiiware games on old dolphin version

    Can I play wiiware games on old dolphin version I want to play sonic the hedgehog 4