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    emulators for sony ericsson w550i

    i got a new phone the sony walkman w550i and i was wondering if anyone new of any emulators that are compatible with this phone
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    How do you become a moderator?

    lefteris if u dont mind me asking, how do u become a moderator?
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    super nintendo power supply

    does anyone here know where to get a super nintendo power supply cos i blew mine up and was just lookin to find a replacement lol. plus has anyone else accidentally (or on pupose) irrepairably damaged any of their consoles or equipment lol.
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    emus for ps2 and xbox

    im not sure if this has already been asked or not but i was wondering if there were any snes emulators for the ps2 or x-box.
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    habbo sucks

    beware of habbo!!!! do not, i repeat, do not go on habbo hotel i tried it when one of my mates (who now works for them) suckered me into goin on it. if u havent heard of habbo hotel its basically a chatroom except u control a little man/woman inside a psuedo 3d environment. they make their money...
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    amiga disks

    i have loads of amiga roms that came free with retro gamer magazine in the uk and i was just wonderin if i put them onto floppies would they be able to run on an old amiga pc or do they need to be original amiga formatted disks also would i be able to get amiga disks and play them on my pc using...
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    ay' up lads

    wassup everybody. im spaced, i live in robin hood country (nottingham) in the uk and i cant get enough of emulators (mainly cos i blew up my snes).
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    my phone needs an emulator

    please can someone tell me if their is an emulator out there that will run on the motorola V80 the specs are on this link please can someone help cos the games for this phone just arent upto scratch.