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    Hello everyone, this is chinabig

    Hello everyone, Last time I signed up, I have been searching my question to be not duplicated so I haven't noticed this forum. My name is chinabig (just nickname). I love to play Pokemon game too. VBA is very good to play with. Desmume is a little bit slow so I've decide to buy a NDS. I'm...
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    Problem with site: Question about random question

    I answer an random question just before(about 20min, I think). Because, I didn't want to sign in yet and search something first. The question I get is: "What is the country where New York City is located?" I answered: "United States" Wrong!! :huh: I started to think is there some...
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    Can the save file from emulator continue playing in physical NDS game console?

    I have searched the same thread with running through the "search" result and serial to about 30 pages but I can't find it yet. All I can find is "ROM is illegal" stuffs. Problem(short to the point): I don't wanna wait for my allowance so I want to play the game with emulator first. then, copy...
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    Problem with forum: How to delete the post you just posted?

    I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I found the title says "Post questions & suggestions about the site, forum or anything related to The Emulator Zone." so I'm posting it here. I have just joined this site so may be I don't know much. I reply to some threads and the reply...