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    Dark theme for emulator zone

    Nah, the trophies don't bother me at all. I had a look at what other ones I might be able to get later. Unfortunately, can't be redeemed for cash. :p The width and presentation of the forum is fine.
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    Dark theme for emulator zone

    For some reason I was given 3 "trophies" when I logged in. This skin is ok, apart from being rather narrow. I told Firefox to zoom in twice to make it fill up the screen.
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    Is this forum still alive?

    Wonder why the OP didn't do what he came here to do...
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    Problem with "New Posts"

    I clicked on New Posts. At the bottom it said "Results 1 to 22 of 23", but there's no option to see the 23rd thread.
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    Problem with site: Invalid certificate Firefox refuses to allow access

    I had to use IE11 to gain access, because Firefox in their infinite wisdom has decided your site is blocked off, just because your certificate expired. Your connection is not secure The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information...
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    Problem with forum: Search not working properly

    I want to able to search for all my posts. But it won't unless I supply text. No matter what I tried it either couldn't find anything or the word is too common and was rejected. I just want all my posts without text filtering. How do I do that?
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    Certificate problem

    Firefox is warning me that this site has been hijacked and has a certificate for another site.
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    Problem with forum: Some code showing at the top

    Hi, me again.. :) On the main forum index page, the below bit of code is at the top of the screen. The page is fine apart from that. '); var sidebar_align = 'right'; var content_container_margin = parseInt('290px'); var sidebar_width = parseInt('270px'); //-->
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    What is the home page of IDEAS emulator?

    Ideas home page has changed host many times in its short life. The latest one, hasn't worked for a while, now only showing a blank white screen. Does anyone know what the current home page is, or even if there is one? Is ideas dead?
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    Broken thread Emulator Problem: BlackBerry PlayBook VS iPad, enjoy DVD/Video with a tablet PC and mobile phone. Started by wzhang48‎, March 31st, 2011 19:43 The thread appears in the new posts,and in the main index. Hovering over it produces a summary...
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    MisfitMAME 0.128.B (final) released

    I'm posting this as it appears MisfitMAME is not an emulator available for download here. I've been the dev for this for the past few years but I'm giving it up today, and the project owner will look after it now. MisfitMAME is the emulator that has the games, homebrew, hacks, etc that MAME...
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    Problem with forum: Corrputed date on New Posts

    Hi I'm using the 'grayscale' skin, and when I click on the 'New Posts' link, the dates on the righthand side are corrupted. The year is corrupt, and the time is missing (if it should be there). Strangely, when I copy-pasted the above example, the colon became a 1.
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    Spammed via PM

    This skypegod is logged in as I type this. Current activity: sending PMs. Any chance you can prevent access to send PMs until a person has, let's say, at least 3 posts?
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    Problem with site: Spam received via PM

    Can you guys sort this out? I don't like the threatening tone used. Thank you.
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    Problem with forum: Issues with new forum skin

    Issues with new forum I'm using firefox, latest version. This is my first visit since the forum was changed around. These are the problems I've found: 1. When displaying New Posts, at the top right it says "1 of" instead of "1 of 5" or whatever the number of pages is. 2. When making a new...
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    Emulator Release: MisfitMAME 0.127.E released For those of you who missed the 0.127.D release, MisfitMAME now emulates Jeff's Donkey Kong II conversion kit, with all the new hard levels.
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    Emulator Release: Mame 0.128 >> Get it HERE.
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    Emulator Release: MisfitMAME 0.127.B OR
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    bsnes 0.025 released

    SNES emulator >> Get it HERE.
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    MisfitMAME 0.113.7 released

    And, you can download it from HERE.