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  1. sickfool

    Greatest Console Ever

    I wonder if anyone would join me in naming their favorite console, and why. So here we go, my favorite is hands down N64, it came out when I was 6, and that is no doubt the golden year of everyone's childhood. So name your favorite console. Oh and if this has been done before...lololololololrofl:)
  2. sickfool

    Project 64K problems

    I found PJ64K somewhere and it allows me to play ROMs with other players on the net. The problem is, there is some type of graphics error everytime I start it. I have been using PJ64 v1.6 for a long time before I got PJ64K, and v1.6 works fine on my system. Pj64K appears to use v1.4. Could this...
  3. sickfool

    Netplay on an N64 Emulator?

    Does anyone know of any possible chance of netplay (like the function on Zsnes) on a N64 emulator in the future?
  4. sickfool


    which commercial games does xeon run?
  5. sickfool

    commercial games

    When will we start seeing an xbox emulator that can run commercial games? And if so, what programs (other than the emulator) will be required?
  6. sickfool

    how can i rip a gamecube game a into .gcm file?

    hello. i have a legally bought gamecube game. can someone give me a method for ripping it into a .gcm file?
  7. sickfool


    can cxbx play commercial games?? if so, what are the graphics requirements for cxbx?
  8. sickfool

    lunar silver star story problems

    i have ePSXe versions 1.5.2 and 1.6.0 and both have errors running lunar silver star story complete. when i run it on 1.6.0 everythings fine until i bring up the start menu, it all goes black and i cant press anything. on 1.5.2 theres no sound on the cinematics parts and the same problems happen...
  9. sickfool

    mission impossible, is impossible to play!

    i recently got ePSXe 160. i downloaded a plugin that allowed me to play actual playstation CDs, and all worked, except mission impossible. the screen goes blank and a bunch of messed up stuff goes on. does anyone have an idea of what could be happening?
  10. sickfool

    problems with yoshi

    hmm...i've downloaded several different copies of yoshi's story and none of them have worked. i'm using project 64 v1.5, does that have anything to do with it? i'm starting to think this game isn't worth it...and what is goodrom64?