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  1. TiredBoy

    Kawaks and LAN Netplay

    Is it possible to force Kawaks to LAN instead of having it run through a server? I looked a bit through its net client's page, but couldn't figure much out.
  2. TiredBoy

    FF7 PC Pre-Scripted Event Crashes

    Granted, I know it's outdated, but one of my friends would like to beat it again, getting KotR this time. He doesn't have the installation CDs and I suspect that my friend's put a no CD patch on his version. Anyway, the game keeps crashing before some sort of special cinematic (i.e. Huge Materia...
  3. TiredBoy

    Virtual Boy Advance and Macs

    Recently, I've tried to play some classic games on Visual Boy Advance (1.7.4). The problem, though, is that, I've never been able to surpass 70% or so; there's some pretty bad slowdown, even with frameskip set on 5. I'm assumng that the very choppy sound is due to the same issue. Anyway, here're...
  4. TiredBoy

    Firewall/router Irc Problem?

    On IRC, sometimes I try to enter a fserve that tells me to use (usually) /dccserver +sc on 59. So I do it, but I still can't in, despite repeating the two steps several times (/dccserver and the trigger). I don't have a firewall now, hardware or software. Anything I can do? I use SysReset 1.53...
  5. TiredBoy

    Thousand Arms Slowdown And Sound Error

    Using ePSXe 1.6.0 with Eternal's 1.41 and Pete's OpenGL 1.74 plugins, I can get Thousand Arms working almost perfectly. But there are a couple problems remaining.Freezing - When certain spells like mass sleep are cast, the game freezes. Video does, at least. You can hear the sound in the...