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    Mel Gibson Drunk Driving game

    My best is 2999 so far :)
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    You know your really drunk when... wake up to this People who get drunk cause they think it looks cool are so stupid! (IMO)
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    TV shot to death after Saints beat the Redskins 33-30 in O What a bunch of moronic idiots!! (It isnt the TVs fault who won) It would be funny though if they turned it on after that AND IT STILL WORKED!!
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    Thats life Ah man!!
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    Online Os!! .... Do everything online!!

    This is awesome! Ya get 10,000 Megs of space,etc....... The mobile version is good too :) Another good one >
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    Dept. of HS: NSA 'Helped' Develop Vista and Windows Seven Windows 7 probably has all kinds of spyware communicating with Microsoft. ITS THE WORST OS FOR PRIVACY!! (Even if doing nothing wrong,PRIVACY SHOULD BE YOURS ON YOUR COMPUTER!)
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    Interesting Java tool I put the url to our site here into it and some of the links that appeared were a little strange to say the least.. How it came up with its set of similar or related links I dont know but its quite interesting!
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    Garfield Comic Creator Im not very good at it :D
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    Excellent Wireless Security Tool Seems quite handy for connecting to unknown networks.. (will it stop others though from connecting to a certain Wifi stream?)
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    Linux: Take an online test and find which distro is for you.

    Pretty Cool :) My Results: 1 Perfect Match "Mandriva" They say this flavour is alot like Win98se (Which is my favourite) but i havent seen it so......
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    Original star trek on you tube This is awesome AS I LOVE THE ORIGINAL STAR TREK :)
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    For The Children - A Reminder

    This brought me to massive tears -- What a beautifull message!
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    The History of Windows! An interesting look @ Win1 to XP :) I cant believe that Win2000 looks almost EXACTLY LIKE 98se!
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    Cocktail Quiz I got 3/10 right ('Bartending Novice' (I wonder why it said i got 3-4 right?)) Im happy with that as i dont drink any beer,etc.....
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    Movie Poster Quiz I only got 4 right :D
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    How else could something so beautifull exist?

    This is just breath taking to look at :)
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    How to protect your VoIP network

    Interesting article!
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    Remember the full size Station Wagon?? I remember when we had one... I used to lay down in the back and goto sleep when we went on long trips!!! Anyone else ever have one of these awesome cars?
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    Remember how radio used to be?

    Dramas and movies on air,etc... This site has tons!! also...... AM 1710: Listen online>
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    Life-sized RC car..... THIS IS K-RAD!! I wonder if he got the idea to do that from the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE!! (You know where DOC hooks that car up to a Remote Controller) This video played EXTREMLY WELL for me!! (And it was clear as anything @ only 74k (Might be the codec...