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    Visual Basic 6.0

    Hey, well I decided to teach myself some VB, so I was wondering if anybody has any good links they wouldn't mind sharing to tutorials, or just educational articles... Thanks :happy:
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    The Soldier Is BACK!!

    Hey everybody! I have learned ALOT while I was away from here and I just said... hell lemme see how the EZ peeps are doing and now I'm here :P Well see everybody around... I gotta change my sig and avy -.-"
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    Wierd Font

    Hey guys I know I'm not active here anymore but hey when I have a problem I come to you guys XD you guys are the smartest on the web i know so hell, maybe you guys can help me out with a small annoying problem I have. I'm having some wierd font issues with almost every website I visit. I posted...
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    PAK contents editor

    does anybody know of a program that lets me veiw the contents of a .PAK file so i can edit it.
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    Working PSP Downgrader {2.00-->1.50}

    Yes a WORKING Downgrader as been realesed by an author called MPH. i have uploaded all the needed files for the downgrade process. THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH 1.51/1.52!! you NEED to upgrade to 2.00 then downgrade. HERE is a link to a tutorial for using the downgrader. If you don't understand that...
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    trouble with an ISO

    ok im having a but of trouble with an ISO or it's suppose to be an ISO but it's in a bunch of file. if it was the ISO actual contents then i wouldn't be asking. heres a screenie of what im talking about.
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    hey guys i got a video of someguy beating half-life in like 42min.if anybody want it just post here so i can upload it and give a link.
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    real size of PS3 controller

    hey have you guys seen the pics of the PS3 controller? well here is the controller in someguys hand so you get a feel of how big the controller is. thier have been pics on the web where it looks like the controller is huge when it's actually quite small.
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    evac at london (July21 Bombing)

    thiers been an evacuation in the london underground stations. i don't know much of the details but it's news. i saw it on abc news this morning.
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    best shooters

    hey guys i'm bored and i feel like playing some good shooters. what are the best shooters for the PSX?
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    problem with chankast

    hey guys hope you can help with this. i have the bios and flash in the same folder where chankast is. i have the game mounted on daemon tools and everything but when i try to start chankast it freezes on me. also the file name is "hydro_thunder.cdi" so im not sure if it has to do with the fact...
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    what type of movie?

    what is your favorite type of movie and why? i put horror and suspense together cuz thier practally the same thing except one is more bloddy then the other.
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    big file hoster

    hey i need a place like rapidshare but that lets me upload bigger file. i want to upload a video that is around 83megs. does anybody knows one that i can use. thanks.
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    flash tutorials

    hey anybody here know where i can get some good free actionscripting tutorials for Flash MX 2004 Pro. thanks in advance.
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    cool game making program

    hey if anybody wants to try to make thier own game this a very easy program to use. Game Maker you can also download tutorials to teach yourself how to use this program but you need to download adobe reader cuz the tutorials are in PDF format.
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    no more swaping of memory sticks!!!

    yes no more swaping of memory sticks for the psp with the new exploit named KXploit. its basiclly a program that generates the MS1 snd MS2 folders without needing two memory sticks. so its kinda like using two sticks at once. here the link to the download. KXploit enjoy
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    plug-in problem

    i just downloaded rices video plugin and i put the plugins (all three) inside the plugin file. when i start pj64 and goto settings it says that it was unable to load the plugins. thanks for the help in advance
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    problem with pj64 and yoshi's story

    when i start yoshi's story on pj64 an error pops up and says Unhandeld R4300i OpCode at:802800EC teq r0, a0 Stopping Emulation help please.
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    psx emulation new-b need help

    alright for some reason when i try to play a game on epsxe1.6.0 whether its DOA or ff9 (those are the only 2 isos i have) the screen stays black like it froze even before i get to play.when i dled ff9 it said somthing like disc1 part1 so i guess i need to download a second part but before i do...
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    late intro

    i never did introduce myself well better late then never :D wassup :laugh: