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    Is it necessary to have boot disc for emuls on ps2?

    Today I did a disck with imbnes...on epsxe on pc it worked perfecly..soon I will try it on ps.. In this case other boot disc or something else no needed.. Is it possible to do discs with pgen and snesstation for modded ps2 and play them imbnes..without other stuff..(like swap...
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    Protected DVD for PS2 - full list

    It is interesting , I heard some games cannot be copied.Is it true? If its true, must be list of them , cause I dont wanna waste my time and clear DVD-R on such games. I know that Alcohol is the best for copy .This is true, really, I checked it myself (because of Nero some discs was just...
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    Programm for copying discs with perfect compatibility for many purposes - myth or not

    hello to all!!! I am back So , does somebody know name of this programm (if it really exists?) which allows you copy discs for PS2, DVD, films (or produce discs ) which will perfect work on many devices-> because this programm shows you what you need - like speed,codecs and many more other...
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    have problems with Brigandine on epsxe1.6

    This game working outcluding battles. In battle all creatures just standing and no menu no cursor.
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    PS 2 emulators SNES,NES,.......

    Hey guys, long no see. I was was very busy in studing, but now it's over!!! I defended two days ago my diplom and now I'm engeneer of telecomunications!!! 5 years of studing is over!!! So, i can play games again till begin of my work on phone station. I have question about creating disk...
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    Some cool games hard to play on snes9x,so help me!!

    Games like alien vs predator,pirates of dark water,wild cats,marvel war of gems,tales of phantasia,...have problems!! They are playable, but it's hard to see my player in chaos of pixels and images(sometimes from previous games) Don't tell me try zsnes,cause I like snes9x!!!!
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    Problems with Brigandine on epsxe1.6

    I cant begin battle-all troops just standing,music plays,but there no cursor,no menu,...It's stuck!
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    play emul games on ps2

    I wanna produce disk with sega,snes,etc... roms playable on ps2.(like dreamcast collection) But I dunno how to do it.Somebody,give a hint!!
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    qustion about gens2.11

    when I run gens,I see message: IDirectInputDevice::SetPropErty()(X-axis)Failed ID..........................................(Y............... but it normal working,so what is it? (I playing on ps joystick connected to pc by ps-converter($10),and i'm happy)
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    My pc doesn't see ps disk

    I got for some time RPG game Rebus(jp(ATLUS)), and I was very disappointed. It works on ps(this game like Hoshigami or FFT or Vandal hearts,So I want to copy it), but my pc think that no disk was inserted.!!!!(...censored.....)!!! What the problem ? Help me with this stupid pc!!!
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    Question about MegamanX4

    I cant even damage boss(after beating some bosses I falling down through flor,having medikit and I dunno where weak point or which weapon use. How to go up by megaman in air-boss stage in very spiked place?(What is there?) I ended megaman8 and playing x4,x5,x6(they very hard to end!)
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    Have many pixels playing games epsxe1.6

    How to fix it for normal viewing(like on tv)? I'm not so smart to know where this option, and don't wanna experimentate(cause after one of experiments epsxe1.6 didn't worked)
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    List of all sega genesis games

    Does somebody knows how many games exist on it? I have approximately 900 of them and I want to have them all,I want to know at which number I can stop searching
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    Question about phantasy star 2

    Long ago,when my Sega md2 was alive... I played this game to this point:I looking for airport or something,against me robots,one dungeon flooded,where to go next or what to do?
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    I cant run some games

    I cant run might&magic3 because 'cannot initialize battery ram'-how to fix it or bypass? I cant run 'MENACER 6 IN 1' -it doesnt respond to buttons on main screen(with real cartridge I had this problem too many years ago and I very interested whats inside),whats wrong? Is there somewhere...
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    PS2 emulator-myth or reality?

    Totally I found ps2 bios(scph1000),but how to play games ? How to save games on HD for this emulator? I have nearly 40 ps discs(mostly RPG),my friend have 100 discs ps2(mostly RPG and FPS),But I dunno how to run them on my PC. I really copied ps1,2 discs (they perfect work at real console) , but...
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    Snes roms

    Where I can download fullest collection of roms?(I have 250, but I want more)
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    Copy ps1,2 games

    How copy cd,dvd ? (program,speed,disk?) What i need?
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    Where ps2 bios

    Please,tell me,where download bios for ps2 or how to dump it from real ps2