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  1. hanzmoleman007

    Xbox 360 power question

    Hey gang! I just read that the 360 has three separate core processors, each running at 3.2 GHz. Does this mean that it has a total of 9.6 GHz processor speed? or that it will reach and maintain 3.2 easier? I'm asking because I'm weighing out the price of a 360 or outfitting a new computer rig...
  2. hanzmoleman007

    360 live

    Is it true that with 360 live you can play many of the classics like joust online for free?
  3. hanzmoleman007

    Teenage mom the game! Hummm. Think I'll pass.
  4. hanzmoleman007

    Mario uses the F word

    Mario seems to tell Luigi to F... himself.
  5. hanzmoleman007

    MAME CHD screen shots

    Does anyone know a web site where I can view the CHD screen shots?
  6. hanzmoleman007

    Fantastic four

    I was thinking of going to see this movie. Has anyone here seen it? What did you think?
  7. hanzmoleman007

    Is Tom Cruise a freak? (Beware 56k Users)

    Is it just me or does Tom Cruise seem to be getting more and more strange? I think maybe scientology has cracked his mind. He just seems to act so freakin strange in public that I wonder if he hangs with Jacko at neverland ranch?
  8. hanzmoleman007

    It's pacmans' birthday today

    Pacman turns 25 years old today! Do you remember when you first played it? First time I played pacman was in the local poolhall when I was about nine or ten years old.
  9. hanzmoleman007

    My mame machine

    Hey gang! I just decorated my mame machine, what do you think?
  10. hanzmoleman007

    Season is changing!Any plans?

    Thought I'd ask if anyone is making any plans for the new season? It's spring here in Canada. I'm planning on a few hiking/camping trips in the next few weeks. Not to mention finally being able to jog outside. What season are you going into? Any plans?
  11. hanzmoleman007

    What's with all the spam now?

    I keep getting requests for game cracks and spam links in my P.M's. Not to mention all the links poping up in the forums.
  12. hanzmoleman007

    Street fighter 2 movie

    Check this crazy ass thing out. Is that Jakie Chan?
  13. hanzmoleman007

    playstation paddle to pc?

    Does anyone know how to hack a playstation paddle to hook up to a pc?
  14. hanzmoleman007

    What is your favorite under rated MAME game?

    This thread is intended to get you out playing all those older under rated games. I always liked roc 'n rope and jail break. :)
  15. hanzmoleman007

    ePSXe toggle full screen?

    Can anyone tell me how to toggle full screen and window mode?
  16. hanzmoleman007


    I was just looking at the systems that are emulated in mess. It would be nice to run a emulator that ran all those systems in my arcade machine. Then I woulden't have to switch between different emulators. I assume an emulator with a bloated roll call like mess has got to have a lot of bugs. Has...
  17. hanzmoleman007

    neorage config.

    Hi all; I was just wondering, if I switch neorage to arcade mode, what button is mapped out for coins?
  18. hanzmoleman007

    Rar'd files

    Does anyone know how to merge RAR'd files? I need to merge some mame CHD files, but don't know how. Thanks Hanz007
  19. hanzmoleman007

    Half-Life 2 Demo released

    Well, I'm glad to see that they released a demo. I was curious to see how it perform on my system. Nothing worse than shelling out cash for a game and it won't run on your pc. I guess that's the beauty of console games though, being that they always run.