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  1. XeroForever

    Master Key

    Well, by reading the title most of you know what this is about. I have search many places. Many forums. And I cannot find a way to get a masterkey.bin from your Wii. The perfectly Legal way. Is there a program? Is there anything at all. Why release a program and at least tell us how to get THE...
  2. XeroForever

    ANalog for Dual Analog pad plugin

    How do I turn the analog on so I can use my contollers control sticks
  3. XeroForever

    Specs on ePSXe

    So what would I need to play games usomg ePSXe almost flawlessly.
  4. XeroForever

    Mods for N64 games?

    So is there anyway to mod N64 games like maybe adding new characters to SSB, jus an example, but yea anyone?
  5. XeroForever

    Wii64 help

    Alright need some serious help with Wii64. All my games run and look like crap using this emulator which is really weird because the N64 is from two generations ago and Wii is next Gen. So I am not sure why it really sucks. Is there any other Wii 64 emu out there that I could get or so better...
  6. XeroForever

    DvD Emulator for Wii

    Is there anything like that out there because that would be very appreciated.
  7. XeroForever

    Hombrew Game Team

    I hear that there is a homebrew game team for the Dreamcast. Is this true? If so where can I download some of there games, and what is the team's name. If not, then totally blow this thread out of proportion like some of you like to do because you have no lives. Note: No offense to the Emu...
  8. XeroForever

    PC Emulator for Wii

    srry if there is already a thread like this I rather not look it up jus like to ask buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, there wouldnt happen to be one would there I mean just a PC game emulator for Wii. Anyone know of one? Note: I have tried to google it.
  9. XeroForever

    PS2 Emulator for Wii

    So why isnt there a PS2 emulator for Wii. The system requirements look just right so how come no one has come up with emulator yet?
  10. XeroForever

    I have a notion

    There is obviously no way you can possibly put an N64 Game on DS but I have been lookin up some stuff. I know the system requirements are crap when it comes to putting N64 on DS but isnt there an Slot 2 Hardware adapter for DS so then you can run games better. I mean if thats true why cant the...
  11. XeroForever

    Perfect Video Plugin for Pj64

    I would like to play Star Wars Episode 1 Battle for Naboo but I dont have a good enough plugin and also I would like to get rid of many minor glitches in my other roms any suggetions for video plugins?
  12. XeroForever

    PJ64 Memory

    So its working perfectly for all the roms I have but how do I save b/c it says I have no memory pak.:confused::D:confused::D:confused::D:confused::confused:
  13. XeroForever

    Strange Issue

    It says unable to load Bios wat exactly does it mean?
  14. XeroForever

    pcsx2 help

    K now I have a game to play and ervything but when I try to load it it says "unable to run bios: 'bios/'. PSCX2 can't run without that ?? wat does it mean exactly?
  15. XeroForever

    Ps2 to NGC?

    So u can put a Nintendo 64 Game onto a PSP but can u put a Ps2 game onto a Gamecube? They both have about the sam graphical power it should be possible right?
  16. XeroForever

    GameCube Emulator

    Ok so I know you can jus download the GameCUbe game and all but how exactly would you use the retail game disc to work on the emulator? Wat programs should I use.