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  1. onion_warrior

    Freein Up Ram

    how do i free up RAM memory??? is it the same as free memory off your hard drive? do i just have to delete some crap?
  2. onion_warrior

    Mouse Gun For Epsxe

    i heard about tihs new feature and i tryed to use it on point blank 3 but when i click it wouldnt i supposed to hit another button??? or maybe the mouse gun thingy doesnt work on tihs game.?
  3. onion_warrior

    Do You Pee In The Shower?

    sometimes i do...when i just wake just pours out.... bored
  4. onion_warrior

    Os Emus

    are there suck things as Operating System emulators that emulate operation systems? like one for Mac or Linux? because if there was a linux emu for windowws i would really like to know because i really wanna play me some mugen....
  5. onion_warrior


    how the fark do you get this schtuff to work on windows XP... ive tried many many things but they dont farkin work. they should make a winXP version. AARGH. i really want cless alvein to fight evil ken....sigh :ph34r:
  6. onion_warrior

    Beatmania Emu

    Anyone know if theres a beatmania emulator because i found a rom but i dunno what emu to use it on...