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  1. blueshogun96

    Any OLD members still here?

    Although I'm more of a lurker than a poster, since I joined, I have a tendency to post a few times, disappear for a few months to a few years, and so on. Given this fact, I haven't kept up with most members here. I can see it's changed quite a bit since I joined, but every once and a while, I...
  2. blueshogun96

    Current (and Active) Xbox Emulation Projects

    Now, I don't mean this as an insult nor do I want to come off as smug or anything like that, but of all the emulation forums I've joined, this one seems to be the least informed on the Xbox front! Now, I don't mean to get your guys' hopes up too high just yet, but since everybody is unaware of...
  3. blueshogun96

    The official Cxbx compatibility list.

    Okay, I guess I'll post this here since anyone rarely keeps up with Cxbx's news much anymore. This is the official Cxbx compatibility list. It's still being worked on (by myself only atm), and yes some new games have been added. So far, the list contains 14 games. The compatibility only...
  4. blueshogun96

    BIG NeoRagex problem

    Whenever I attempt to start it up i get the stupid Send Error Report message. It really sucks. Can someone help me? Thanks B)
  5. blueshogun96

    Metal Slug 5... again!

    Hi, I'm a Noob (duh). I just wanted to know if any of you know how to fix the metal slug 5 glitch? Thnx B)