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    Anyone ever Playing Thrill Kill ? Strange. Even though cancelled i have ever playing it. Does that mean what i'm playing is a leaked game ?
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    Most users ever online

    I wonder what happen at 05-05-2006 at 12:07 when most users ever online was 335. A great debate ?
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    NDS Save type List

    Where i can get NDS game save type list ? The only one i know is here: And it's incomplete :(
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    no$gba Errors per second

    I forgot in which part of no$gba is this, but it show errors per second of emulation then no$gba commented that the maker of game doesn't know no$gba :). What does this means ? is it connected to no$gba compability and performance ? Many Thanks. Oh, and how to suggest something to the no$gba...
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    Your favourite Doujin Games ?

    Ever playing doujin games ? My favourite is Eternal Fighter Zero Memorial and Super Cosplay Wars Ultra
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    mame32 variant

    Whats the difference between mame32, mame32 FX and mameplus ? i found mame plus site but in chinese and i think none on it (http 404).
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    NeonDS need directx file

    When i try neonDS to play Megaman ZX it need a directx file. The name d3dx9_31.dll and not found. I'm using Directx9 Jun 2006. What must i do ?
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    DS emu Rotate/flip screen

    Is there any NDS emu that can rotate/flip screen ?. I have a problem with Marvel Trading Card game. Don't know how to do that with no$gba.
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    Windows my documents ?

    Do you store your data on Windows my documents ? If yes/no, why ? Myself: NO! its dangerous!!! Last time my data was perfectly safe on D: when C: partition where the windows (XP) is broken. Then why my document still around ? i don't know on Vista, some people say it use some kind scramble...
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    Info pool

    I just registered in here about 1 week and get a lot of information !!! Too bad i don't know/have a friend that like emulator around my place so i can share the knowledge and show what i know and what they don't know, ha ha ha !!!::D Please keep the Pool Full :bow:
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    SD Gundam DS......

    I play SD Gundam generation DS with No$GBA 2.4a and stuck. It fine until backstage phase when we rearrange our squad, the sound still playing but i cannot move menu highlight....a few minute later No$GBA crashed.... And then i read from this forum that we can play it (Status: Fully Playable)...