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  1. hagbard

    Clrmamepro v3.87b Released!

    A new version of proably the most popular ROM manager has been released by Roman Scherzer. Here is what is new in version 3.87b:misc: speed increase for several fix-missing hashchecks misc: if "select sets" editbox is not empty, the commands in there will be reapplied on updated datfiles misc...
  2. hagbard

    Dualis R20.3 Released!

    A new version of probably the best Nintendo DS emulator, Dualis, has been released. Let's take a look at the changes in R20.3: CPU: Fixed a bug in the division SWI GPU: Fixed some tile flipping bugs GPU: Optimized rendering of extended palette BGs a bit GPU: Disabled rendering of OBJ windows...
  3. hagbard

    VBALink v1.8.0 Beta 0 Released!

    The unnofficial version of VBA with game link support has been updated. Here's the list of changes: Wireless adapter over LAN (maybe even fast enough for Internet play .-) Better connectivityGet this new version here
  4. hagbard

    Gens32 v1.66 Released! (Update)

    Gens32 Surreal v1.66 Fancy Released! (Update) A minor update to Gens32 Surreal v1.66 not enough to name it as a new version is released. Let's take a look at the changes: You can find it here
  5. hagbard

    Dualis R20.2 Released!

    The most active DS emulator has been updated. Here's the change log:CPU: Fixed updates of some function pointers after changing the ITCM size MMU: Added support for send FIFO flushing MMU: Added support for send FIFO empty IRQs MMU: Added support for IPCSYNC IRQs MMU: Fixed a bug in the...
  6. hagbard

    Nintedo Next-Gen console name revealed: Wii

    Nintendo Next-Gen console name revealed: Wii Yes, looks that it's going to be the final name of Nintendo's next console previously known as Revolution: Logo animation More info here: :ninja:
  7. hagbard

    FakeNES v0.5.8 Released!

    The Open Source NES emulator FakeNES has been updated. Let's look at the list of changes, and of course the notes concerning this new build: You can get it from here
  8. hagbard

    Nestopia v1.29 Released!

    Martin just released a new version of probably the most accurate NES emulator so far. Here are the changes: You can find it here
  9. hagbard

    Dolphin Final v1.03.2 Beta Released!

    A new build by F|RES of the Gamecube emulator Dolphin has been released. However it's still discontinued, and not much has been told about the changes in this version: Get it here
  10. hagbard

    SSF v0.07 beta R4 Released!

    The best Saturn emulator has been updated. A CPU with SSE2 instructions support is required. The current SSF emulation status is:SH2 emulator 100% 68000 emulator 100% VDP1 block 100% VDP2 block 90% SCU block 100% SMPC block 100% SCSP block 100% CD block 85%You can find it here
  11. hagbard

    Luke's FCEU modification 98.16 (2006-04-21)

    A new unnoficial build based on original FCE Ultra, FCEUltra Win32 mappers modified (check it out!), and some other tweaks by nitsuja/blip, Ike and others has been released. Actually this is the second release, but looks cool enough. Here's a summary of the many changes of this Luke's version...
  12. hagbard

    Dualis R20.1 Released!

    A new version of th most actively deleveloped Nintendo DS emulator Dualis has been released. Thses are the main changes: As usual you can get it here
  13. hagbard

    Gens32 v1.66 Released!

    The Gens32 team have updated their unnoficial, Gens based, project: Get it here
  14. hagbard

    olafnes v0.2.1 Released!

    The unnoficial continuation of the NES emulator basicnes 2000, fully coded in Visual Basic, has been updated. Here are the changes: You can it here
  15. hagbard

    Another World - Collector's Edition [PC]

    It's been 15 years since Eric Chahi created Another World for PC (DOS & Win 3.1), Amiga, Atari ST, MAC, SNES, Genesis, 3DO...and a free GBA port last year or to mobile phones recently. Named "Out of this World" in the USA, it was one man's work, musics and sound effect aside by Jean-Francois...
  16. hagbard

    FakeNES 0.5.7 Released!

    Looks like the FakeNES team is more active than ever. The main addition is the new OpenGL video output. Let's look at the full change log: You can get it here
  17. hagbard

    Ultimate Ghost & Goblings [PSP]

    A 3D remake with classic 2D gameplay, of the Capcom legend is coming on PSP next September. Now we got some screenshots More info & screens here
  18. hagbard

    Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land

    A new patch based on SNES Super Mario World is out, and looks pretty nice:
  19. hagbard

    Gens32 Surreal v1.64 SadSmile Released!

    The Gens32 Team (ACOMPAL) just released a new version of their Genesis, Sega CD and 32X emulator Gens32. Based on latest source code from Gens, by Stéphane Dallongeville, here are the changes in this new build: Find it here
  20. hagbard

    Dualis R20 Released!

    The plugin based Nintendo DS emulator Dualis has been updated. Please note Dualis is not able to run dumps of NDS cartridges at the moment. You can get it here