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    Leaving the Forum!

    I thought there should be a "Leaving the Forum" thread as well, so there you have it. Anyone who leaves the forum may post here. Let me start. I'll be leaving this forum now for no specific reason. Happy posting and enjoy your lives people.
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    Raine 0.42.2 Released!

    The version 0.42.2 of Raine is here and this time with support for all CPS2 games. Here are the details of this release:added the few missing cps2 games : armwaru, mshh, cybotus, and vhunt2r1. Fixed the annoying corrupted colors of the gui sometimes after loading specific games. You can get it...
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    Does S Video Support Progressive Scan?

    I know that S video only supports 480i functions and to do Progressive Scan, you need 480p or 1080i functions. Any Idea guys?
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    PSP connects to X-Box

    The above news is taken from Great news if Sony is seriously planning to do it. One more thing that I wanted to speculate. Nntendo's DS is able to detect a nearby DS while in a certain range. Is PSP able to do that?
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    The new PSTwo

    Sony recently released information about its new machine known as "PSTwo". Some noteable features about this new machine are: 1. Built in Ethernet capability. 2. Flip Top casing. 3. Less price...:) You can view the complete news on NewsCom, if you have an account there. But if you don't...
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    Remote Procedure Call

    I want to implement RPC on three machines and the problem arises where I want the server to register itself on the remote service. i.e. the third machine. I have three machines: 1. Server 2. Client 3. Registry Service (Naming service)
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    Playstaion 3 Rumours

    Recent rumours about the PS3 design suck. The top one looks more like a commode. :lol: Which of you guys has seen the recent news about PS3, Xbox-next and Nintendo's next gen machine on Gamer TV? I think they are authentic.
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    Final Fantasy XII

    This game may turn out to be one of the best Final Fantasies ever. Graphics, Sound, name it and this game has it. Those who have seen the FFXII trailer know what I'm talking about. But what I have seen about this game right now is simply fantastic...Real Time Battles!!! Although...
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    FFVII Craze

    As i posted before on a similar thread that Sqaure is bent on producing more FFVII stuff for the PS2 and other platforms. Here is the latest info on that and you'll see some great stuff on these sites. It is evident from the recent releases from Square that FFVII is still the best product for...
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    More Final Fantasy VII?

    FFVII, when they're gonna release this movie? Now a game!!!
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    Zip Program

    I'm looking for that tool, which allows you to see the contents of a zip file on the web and download only the part of that zip that you want.
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    The best program to hack a zip

    What is the best program to hack a zip's password. I'm currently using AZPR (Advanced Zip Password Recovery) by Elcomsoft. If you happen to know any other way of cracking a zip other then this one, please do tell me.
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    EZ is still big!!!

    I'm not trying to make a new entrance here. I just saw something that caught my eye so i thought i should let you all know. Codejunkies states www.emulator-zone as a reputable site. I think EZ still rocks and what do you think?
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    South Asian Movies

    I've recently watched alot of South Asian Movies and I must say, these movies are making Hollywood run for their money. My recent movie "Silmido" proved that the South Asian film market is indeed way too strong then it appears. Other movies like "The stroy of two sisters" and "Takeugki" (forgive...
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    Implementing Better Sound

    Implementing Better Sound with Game play Might Hurt Some Gamers.
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    Dolphin Update!

    Over at the Dolphin homepage (yes, that's the new gamecube emulator ;)), a fixed version of yesterdays teaser release has been uploaded, which is more stable and faster - here's the small post : We've updated main Dophin zip file. If you downloaded it yestarday,please redownload it from our...
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    Homebrew Linux on the PS2

    Although I have the Linux kit, I still love these homebrew projects.
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    What about Phantom

    The announcement of the development of the Phantom games console was one of the most debated stories of 2003, with industry experts describing it in a variety of ways. Some suggested the console was vaporware, or an elaborate hoax, while others praised the proposed economic model but doubted...
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    How to get MAME running at 100%

    Is there any way to run MAME at 100%, if you have a pentium 1, 233MHz and 4mb vga.
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    XBOX Live Emulation

    i was planning on getting xbox live sometime this month.(most likely won't. but i wanna know if anyone can give me a good answer.) Would it be possible, if WE OWN XBOX LIVE of course, to use CXBX to emulate xbox live on our computer if we have an internet connection, headphones, etc?