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  1. pix07

    Nes emulators which i can recommend

    1.Messen Its a mature nes/famicom emulator focused on best gaming experience. 2.Nestopia UE Most popular and powerfull emulator. 3.Fceux Great tool for recording game progress. 4.PuNES New nes /famicom...
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    Top best sega emulators ever

    1.Gensis Plus GX Its a great opensource sega emulator. 2.Kega Fusion 3.PicoDrive
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    Real steps to freelancing
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    FCEUX -2.6.4

    FCEUX 2.6.4 :
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    Compilation of mednafen and mednaffe

    In Debian download mednafen source code: Unpack it somewhere nawigate to folder by cd command. Install dependiencies by sudo apt build-dep mednafen. Write in terminal: ./configure then sudo make install. After...
  6. pix07

    Mednafen 1.31.0-UNSTABLE

    The following systems are supported(refer to the emulation module documentation for more details): Apple II/II+ Atari Lynx Neo Geo Pocket (Color) WonderSwan GameBoy (Color) GameBoy Advance Nintendo Entertainment System Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom Virtual Boy PC...
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    ares v130
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    Methods to create software

    1.UML 2.Scrum
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    Why you should learn programming

    1. Grow in your current job Programming knowledge does not only benefit someone who works in computer science or related fields. For example, people who work in marketing, design, sales and customer relations for technology products can use programming training to grow their skill set at work...
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    Ares vs Bizhawk vs RetroArch vs Mednafen

    Which emulator/fronted is better and why ?
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    New method to learn everything anki

    Good luck girls and guys :)
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    Using retroarch on linux from flathub or standalone app image

    Choose your distro and folow this guide: If you have ubuntu: If you have debian like me: Install retroarch: While you install you will be...
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    Learning math for free also for kids Organic tutor besides math teaches chemistry and other subjects. Other recomended channel is khan academy:
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    BizHawk 2.8
  16. pix07

    MacFCEU MacFCEU 0.9b1 Features include: NSFe support; a PPU tile viewer; high quality audio; access to memory, registers and counters; a command line debugger; and near-100% accurate 2A03/7 emulation. Recent changes include: Many bug fixes...
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    Nes all game genie codes

    Here atached file converted to pdf. Have fun girls and boys.
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    Dune 2023
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    Initial D mf ghost in 2023
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    Avatar 2

    Avatar by James Cameron will be released in this year in 16 december. Some info: