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  1. El Fugitivo

    Kill Bill, Vol. 2

    ...was rad. I especially liked Chapter 8: The Cruel Tutelage Of Pai Mei. The camera moves were classic throughout The Bride's training with Pai Mei, and everyone in the theater was cracking up throughout the whole thing. The music and visuals were great, and it wasn't nearly as gory as Vol...
  2. El Fugitivo


    "Guts" is a short story Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) wrote for Playboy last year. He's been reading it out loud in bookstores on his latest book tours, and apparently a number of people have passed out while listening to it (30-some, I think). I haven't had a chance to hear it yet...
  3. El Fugitivo


    Play It Here This is a java emulator of the NES. As long as your browser is java-enabled, you can play it. Great for when you're studying in the library and need to get your daily retro gaming fix.
  4. El Fugitivo

    The Picture Thread

    Post pictures of yourself. Here's one of me: As you can see, it's not very current. I like it though, so there.
  5. El Fugitivo

    X-mas Wish Lists?

    What did you ask for for Christmas? As I'm rapidly running out of clothes which are not bleach-stained or torn, I asked for slippers some sweaters sweatshirts the AKR t-shirt here jeans. I also asked for a variety of CDs and DVDs, especially the Wilco DVD (I Am The Man Who Loves You: A Film...
  6. El Fugitivo and That disgusts me. I hate corporate businessmen.
  7. El Fugitivo

    Favorite Arcade Game Memories

    Not so much on the emulation side as the actual arcade games themselves. I have great memories of playing Rastan (see my avatar) at the sports bar my dad worked as a cook at when we lived in Montana (circa 1992). They also had a table-style version of Mario Golf, though it only had one screen...
  8. El Fugitivo


    Any of you use it? It sounds like an interesting concept, I was wondering if it was worth the bother to register and add friends and all that business.
  9. El Fugitivo

    Anyone Played Xiii?

    I was going to buy it, but I decided to get JKII: Jedi Outcast instead ($30 cheaper). Anyway, is it any good -- worth buying at $50? Or should I wait until it drops down to ~$25? Or just not buy it at all?
  10. El Fugitivo

    Download Manager

    Need to get one, but I don't want one that's too invasive. Any recommendations?
  11. El Fugitivo

    Kids In The Hall

    Quite possibly. I certainly like it more than SNL, MadTV or In Living Color.
  12. El Fugitivo

    3rd Person Action/adventure Games

    I like 3rd person games because FPS make me too nervous, too jumpy. They work too well on me, so I like to distance myself a bit more from the action. That's why I like, and own, games like:GTA: Vice City Max Payne Max Payne 2 Hitman Hitman 2 American McGee's Alice Indiana Jones & The...
  13. El Fugitivo


    ...or CDs, I suppose. If you have any, post them up. Be sure to comment on why you made it (a road mix, a homework mix, a musical-chains-style mix, etc). 01. Mogwai - Punk Rock (Come On Die Young) 02. Wilco - Kamera (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) 03. Blur - End Of A Century (Parklife) 04. Apples In...
  14. El Fugitivo

    If You Liked...

    Pretty simple, just post recommendations for films that you think people might like if they liked another film. Example: If you liked Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, you might want to check out The Mummy. That's a poor example, but you get the point. If you liked The Thin Red Line, I...
  15. El Fugitivo

    A Fun Game I Like To Play

    Go over to this site and try to guess who's male and who's female based on avatars and posts alone!! Add two points for every right answer and subtract three for every wrong answer. My high score is 67, what's yours?!?!
  16. El Fugitivo

    Top 10 Films Of 2003

    I haven't come up with mine yet, but, uh... yeah. Oh, and I know there're two months left in the year, but I don't really see Return Of The King topping my list, even if I wanted it to.
  17. El Fugitivo

    Disk Defragmenter

    I was trying to run Disk Defragmenter on my computer, and it keeps stopping after only a few minutes (maybe 10-15), saying it's done, even though it doesn't even get to 2% of the hard drive. Anyone know what might be wrong or maybe another good program I can use? Also, on my laptop I have a...
  18. El Fugitivo

    Max Payne 2

    I'm looking forward to it, personally. Any of you guys feel the same way? Or do you think it looks like a cheesy horrible game. I liked Max Payne because i like John Woo's Hong Kong films and film noir, so I guess if you don't have the same interests you might not find it very enjoyable...
  19. El Fugitivo

    Ti-89 Emulators

    If anyone has had any experience with handheld emulators on the TI-89 (or any Texas Instruments graphing calc, really), I'd like your opinion. I've played a version of Zelda on it before (though it was a stand-alone "port" and not a rom run through an emulator. Do the emulators work very well...