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  1. hitmonlee


    do yours give you trouble mine just started a topic on another board proclaiming himself the best guy ever. i'm having trouble restraining myself from replying, because it would only lead to nastiness. but damn he is so not the best guy ever. also about that spam was posted on another...
  2. hitmonlee

    Cool Name Thing pretty wicked website (i need to put a cool emoticon here, instead there seems to be a whole bunch of useless ones and no cool guy with glasses??) amy was the 2nd most popular name in the 1970s for girls and is now sitting at 130 your name...
  3. hitmonlee

    Religion/Beliefs - can I ask about this?

    I am interested in people's beliefs and why they believe. Sorry if I left yours off the poll. I've added a story, it won't take that long to read I promise :) This morning there was a knock at my door. When I answered the door I found a well groomed, nicely dressed couple. The man spoke...
  4. hitmonlee

    Someone tried to use my account!

    not here! on another forum :mad: no other users on the forum have ever used that ip. is there any way to find out what country they are from or what isp they use?
  5. hitmonlee

    New Topic just like the old one

    like i have issues with children being vulgar on the internet! no need for locking, thanks though lefteris :) :lol: misspelling someone's name is a great way to impress them. situation: met guy at nightclub. don't remember much but i have his business card (engineer w00). so i sent him an...
  6. hitmonlee

    help please

    i'm using a laptop it used to startup and go straight to the desktop i let a mate play around, and now it prompts for a password, and i just press cancel to get in, but its a bit of a pain. any ideas on how to change this i have a...
  7. hitmonlee

    The Final Word

    are you the type of person that always has to have the final word?
  8. hitmonlee

    Who are you like?

    not who do you look like, but an actual character, in a book or film who have you seen on screen that is a reflection of how you see yourself?
  9. hitmonlee

    Movie Alphabet Game i could only get 10 beat me. ok i just need to know c j and x its really annoying me, they look so familiar
  10. hitmonlee

    David Bowie

    last night i went and saw david bowie. not sure if it deserved its own thread. there was a threat of rain - it sprinkles during the support act - but the skies cleared for bowie :) i thought he was amazing he opened with rebel rebel - came out wearing tight black pants, with a brown...
  11. hitmonlee

    Anyone Playing Return Of The King

    what level are you up to?
  12. hitmonlee

    Help Me Remember The Name Of This Show

    my memory has been prompted by the range of avatars waz is using. i am looking for the name or any info on a show from my childhood. (the 80s) basically it was about a man - and he was all one line. he would move around and any objects in his way would also be part of the one line. i...
  13. hitmonlee

    Banning Users Who Are Adept With Computers

    here's the deal just received a threatening pm from a user (king) on a forum i moderate. one of the other moderators changed his offensive avatar/tagline (from WHITE IS RIGHT to KITTENS ARE RIGHT) and also edited one of his posts (an offensive picture of a fat naked santa, to a picture of...