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  1. VintageTorrie

    Goddam Religious Wars

    Why do animals have to get caught up in this?
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    Most of you probably already know about this anyway, but I thought I would share it with you. It's a freeware, survival-horror game, based on the Slender-Man Creepypasta story. In the game, you need to collect 8 pages, each related to Slender-Man, without him catching you. With every page you...
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    Mass Shooting at the "Dark Knight Rises" Premiere

    RIP those that were killed, and a speedy recovery to those that were injured :(
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    Emulator Release: KEmulator

    KEmulator is a mobile phone java game emulator. It emulates many mobiles and has high compatibilty. It doesn't emulate smartphones, only older mobiles, so it can only run java games. It will also take screenshots and record video of the game you're playing. It supports 2D and 3D games...
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    A Little Suggestion...

    I think we should have a board where non-users can post, because we have an awful lot of members that join just to ask one question. I understand that it would be hard to moderate, but maybe we could have a little trial run and see what happens?
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    Late Updates

    Why is it when there's a reply to a thread, yet it doesn't show up in 'New Forum Threads'? Is it automated, or done manually?
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    All Videos Here!

    I think we should have a thread where we can post videos, either to help others, or promote your own. Anyway...Start posting :)
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    GTA SA Backup Files

    I'm trying to play MTA SA 1.3 but it keeps crashing because I've modded it. I've replaced the gta3.img with the original, but I modded weapons and I can't find the weapon files. I'm not asking for the files, I just want to know where the weapon .txd and .dff files are. Also, I have a file called...
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    Whats this game?

    I remember playing a ps1 demo disc a couple years ago, and there was this game I like in particular. You play in this forest kind of area, and the main character has purple hair. There's this bit where you walk over a rope made of leaves that leads into the forest. The enemies are little gnomes...
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    Favourite Game Genre

    I know how this is going to turn out. Adults - Adventure like LOZ, Teens - FPS like COD but what the hell... I like sandbox shooters, even better on the computer, as they tend to have better storylines than mission based or on-the-rail shooters. I'm probably the only 14 year old boy who...
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    I was wondering what processor would work with my computer (Acer Aspire 5349) as I desperately need an upgrade. The one I have now is a pathetic Intel Celeron B800 Duo Core @ 1.5 GHz :(. I heard that it's hard to get a compatible processor for laptops.
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    Offline FPS?

    Are there any good offline single player FPS' to download? I've looked for ages and can only find arena games, which are incredibly boring.
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    Been trapesing around the site and downloading emu's so I thought I might as well join. I'm considering programming as a future career so if anyone has tips on where to start, they would be much appreciated.:D Also, I can't keep my eyes away from Jale's avatar. Is it from a game, 'cause it...