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  1. The Monkey Man

    Emulator Problem: Sega Model 2 Emulator Requirements

    Okay, so I'm constructing a MAME cabinet, and am trying to get some Model 2 games on it, like Daytona USA, Sonic the Fighters and House of the Dead. Unfortunately, the Model 2 emulator doesn't work. I've tried it on my main computer and it works fine, and I copied the roms and files to the...
  2. The Monkey Man


    Noticed a lack of activites in this forum, so I decided to post one to fill the void. I got the idea from another forum :p In this game, you have to run away from Chuck Norris. He's gone absolutely crazy and is very angry at you. You have to do ANYTHING to stop him. Put a banana peel in his...
  3. The Monkey Man

    OmgHai :D

    Hi, I'm The Monkey Man, but you can just call me TMM, or Tom. :D I'm a big fan of emulation - it brings back memories. ;-; This site looks really cool, and I'm sure to come here often. *adds to favorites*
  4. The Monkey Man

    Using MAME in a frontend

    Right so I'm currently building an MAME cabinet. I'm using AtomicFE, and I want arcade games to run through it, as it's a MAME cabinet. Thing is, every time I try to open a MAME .zip file through AtomicFE, it doesn't open and goes straight back to the list of games on the front loader. I'm...