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  1. Hrothgar

    Emulators for Nintendo DS

    Hey, I just recently started to emulate on my R4 card for my DS. I've got gameboy, Nes, and Snes emulators already working on it. However, I'm not 100% satisfied with my Nes and Snes emulators. The Snes emulator I use is SNemulDS, and the Nes emulator I use is nesDS. When playing snes games...
  2. Hrothgar

    Items needed for emulation on DS

    Hey, recently I just bought a used original bulky Nintendo DS. I want to run downloaded DS games off a flashcard, as well as emulate other games from other systems. Mostly, I just need to know what I need to buy to do this. I know I can't just buy an SD card. If it makes a difference, I have a...
  3. Hrothgar

    Twilight Hack - Help

    I recently have been trying to get the Twilight Hack to work on my Wii. I downloaded the v0.1-beta2 from Team Twiizers, and my system currently has the 4.0U update. I put the hack on my SD card, and when I went to copy it over, I got a message saying "The data may not have been copied". Of...
  4. Hrothgar

    Major Rom Distrutor that has linked EZ

    I was checking out one of the major rom distributor (I'm bouncing around the name due to the terms of agreement), and I noticed they had a link to emulator-zone on the page. I know emulator-zone has a zero-tolerance policy on links to rom distribution sites being posted on the forum, but I...
  5. Hrothgar

    Favorite Games of 2008

    I thought it would be good to reflect on some of the great games that came out last year, and talk about which ones we each enjoyed. I think it is better to state 'favorite' game opposed to 'best' game, because there is no best in what is opinion. There are a lot of games that came out this...
  6. Hrothgar


    Yeah, considering the audience that the Emulator-Zone attracts, I was wondering if anyone plays GURPS? For those of you who don't know what GURPS is, to put it shortly it stands for General Universal Role Playing System. It's a table top game like D&D but written to be a bit more flexible. You...
  7. Hrothgar

    Wii Virtual Console Price Comparison

    I was reading through some articles on when I found price comparisons between how much it wold cost to buy games on the wii virtual console, compared to how much it would be to cost the real games used. I thought it was interesting...
  8. Hrothgar

    My Chiptune Music

    For all of you who don't know, I make Chiptune music. My project name is Phanto Bro, and I thought you guys (and occasional girls) would be interested in perhaps hearing it. You can click on the album covers below and download them for free if you want to. If you like my work, you welcome to...
  9. Hrothgar

    Mother 3 finally fan translated, woot woot!

    Just recently Mother 3 (A equal to Earthbound that came out only in Japan) was translated by a fansite. The site,, had been working on this for a couple years and now their hardwork has paid off. I've personally tested the patch and have played it for about an hour...
  10. Hrothgar

    Chiptune Music?

    Hey, I was wondering what you guys though about Chiptune/8-Bit music? The reason I ask is cause I've been making some myself recently. I saw a documentary on it called "Reformat The Earth", and it really drew me in. I was really psyched out and started working on some songs myself. It's pretty...
  11. Hrothgar

    Putting emulators/roms on a SD card to be played on a DS

    I know you can play older systems on the DS by putting them on an SD card (I had a friend on highschool that had Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!! working on his DS). I know it isn't as easy as putting the emulator+rom on an SD card, that you need to prepare the SD card and such. I was wondering if...
  12. Hrothgar

    Gameboy Emulators compatible with mac

    I was wondering if anyone knew any gameboy (origional) emulators that work on a Mac besides Virtual Boy?
  13. Hrothgar

    Getting a good run on Final Fantasy VII

    Hey, I've been wanting to play Final Fantasy VII on my computer. Now, out of combat the graphics work pretty well, but in game it slows down. Now the obvious problem might just be my computer, but most other PS games run semi-well. I was just wondering if anyone has played it on epsxe if they...
  14. Hrothgar


    I was wondering if there is a N64DD Emulator yet? Would I just be on a wild goose chase trying to find any roms for it?
  15. Hrothgar

    Dragonball movie LOL!!!

    I was watching the previews to Speed Racer and it made me remember Fox talking about making a Dragon Ball Z movie back when it was REALLY popular (To think of all the time I spent watching that mindless show when I was ten). Anyways, I thought it had went defunct since DBZ's popularity began to...
  16. Hrothgar

    Wii buddy-numbers to play Super Smash Bros Brawl online

    I was wondering if anyone else owned a Wii and enjoys playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. If so, and you like to add me to your buddy list on the online play, my Wii number is: 4983-4711-7710. One thing though is I personally only can get online on the weekends.
  17. Hrothgar

    Burned Sega Dreamcast games

    My question is simple. Can Sega Dreamcast play burned discs, and if so how?
  18. Hrothgar

    Signature Problems

    I've been wanting to add an image to my signature, but it hasn't been working. I looked at the list of signature permissions below, and it says I'm not allowed to upload images for signature. Is there any reason for this?
  19. Hrothgar

    To all other Smash Bros. Fans

    I don't know how many of you are hardcore Super Smash Bros. Fans, but this is to those who are. Although those of us who live in North America will be waiting another month for Super Smash Bros. Brawl to come out, and even longer for Europe, Brawl hit the shelves of Japanese distributors January...
  20. Hrothgar

    Hacked roms

    I was wondering if anyone knew of some enjoyable hacked roms that they would recommend? 99% of the hacked roms I find are perverse (Anyone ever play the hack for river city ransom where you're saving ho's?). I was kinda looking for just different level edits and such. Can anyone think of some...