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  1. cloud4004

    real life StarWars? hmmm...

    All shot by a French photographer named Cedric Delsaux. -- -- -- More
  2. cloud4004

    Dameon Tools drives

    Hey guy's (long time no see). A while back I installed Dameon Tools on my computer to see how good it was compared to Alcohol 120%... Anyway, when I uninstalled Dameon Tools from my computer I realized too late that I had not disabled its virtual drives. Now I'm stuck with 2 virtual drives that...
  3. cloud4004

    Arcades - (Neco/Zach name change split)

    Neco??? Did you change yo' name?
  4. cloud4004

    Bitey Castle

    Awsome flash cartoon... Enjoy. TheYuyu
  5. cloud4004

    Cleaning a CD's "Clear Inner Hub"

    Does anyone know a good way to clean the clear inner hub of a CD? I've gotton a good cleaner that's spitting out my old CD's like they're brand new but it still doesn't do anything for the inner hub. - thx
  6. cloud4004

    Demon Front???

    Has any one played Demon Front? Looks like a big Metal Slug ripoff, but still I'm curious.
  7. cloud4004

    Need to fix a rom?

    Anyone looking for fixes, patches & hacks for their NeoGeo roms? - & Hey! There are no real roms on this site.
  8. cloud4004

    Video Game Art

    Kawaii Art Zone login - user: cloud4004 pass: cloud8866 A great site with lots & lots & lots of game artwork from companies like SNK, Konami, Namco, ect (most high quality, rarely seen stuff...). All official company material, not fan art. ;)
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    Ummm... Looks like everyone is "back". In that case, I'm back too. :happy:
  10. cloud4004

    KOF2003 black space in the clouds

    Notice the big black space above Clark on the top left side of the screen. Besides this the Rom's perfect & even Romcenter has everything in the green... Should I try to look for a fix (maybe for one of the c's?) or is this the way it is on Kawaks? Not a big deal I guess, it just bothers me for...
  11. cloud4004

    Paging File

    When I start up my computer (at home) I've been getting this message. "Limited Virtual Memory Your System has no paging file, or the paging file is too small." I've looked up multible methods (like re-setting the intel & maxium size or rebooting after setting everything to 0) on how to fix...
  12. cloud4004

    Weird Game Character Cameo's

    It's always fun thinking about how our favorite game characters would fair in the worlds of other games. example: Member 1 - Mario Member 2 - Mario enters "Street Fighter"! or Member 3 - Solid Snake Member 4 - Solid Snake v.s. A giant Katamari Ball! Get it right? I'll start. Terry Bogard
  13. cloud4004

    Your Top 3 Dream Jobs

    If you could do any 3 things what would they be? I would... 01. Music Store (local, not anything like Best Buy or Borders, they suck hard) 02. "Paid" Musician (right now it feels like I'm playing for spare change) 03. Freelance Bounty Hunter (like my idol Boba Fett)
  14. cloud4004

    Chankast, loading games

    Hey, Whenever I try to run a game on Chankast it takes me back to the bios screen... I've mounted the iso's / cdi's / ccd's to the right drive and I'm pretty sure it's all good... Is there somthing I'm not doing? Sorry if this is a lame question. I'm still new to the whole dreamcast emulation...
  15. cloud4004

    Nero (oh god why!?)

    Hola People, I'm having a problem with Nero (or maybe it's my CD drive). When I burn an AudioCD it get's to maybe 1 or 2% then stops. I've tried the update for XP but it just seems to make it worse... Any ideas? :(
  16. cloud4004

    Graphics Card for PS1 games.

    What's a good graphics card to have for running ps1 games? :happy: I ask because I'm about to buy one (I'd like not to spend over $100).
  17. cloud4004

    Systematic Anti-Virus

    When I got my used-semi-new computer (a few months ago) I found out that the previous user had installed a version of Symantec AntiVirus on it. It became really annoying because whenever I would start my PC it would start a scan... When I tried to uninstall it, it prompted me for a password...
  18. cloud4004

    NeoGeo Games

    I've got Metal Slug 3-5, KOF 2003, SVC Chaos, Samurai Shodown 5 and Rage Of Dragons all working on Kawaks (my choice emulator) now... However, I'm out of new roms... Can anyone recommend a good NeoGeo game that I might not know about? I'm pretty much looking for somthing new. -thx
  19. cloud4004

    This Is Messed Up...

    Check this out... This has to be some kind of joke right? :dry:
  20. cloud4004

    KOF2k3 & Kawaks

    I managed to get SVCchoas to work on Kawaks (1.46) with a loader awhile back. More recently by editing the loader asr I managed to get KOF2k3 working too, however with some problems. For example, some graphics appear where they shouldn’t and some don't appear when they should... The CPU opponent...