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  1. Akiko_the_Elf

    Ultimate Mix

    List the songs on your ultimate mix. Right now, what I burned last night consisted of the following "All Over You"--Live "Pain"--Three Days Grace "The Good Left Undone"--Rise Against "Thrash Unreal"--Against Me! "Telescope Eyes"--Eisley "The Lucky Ones"--Bif Naked "Animal I Have Become"--Three...
  2. Akiko_the_Elf

    Mozilla Issues

    Anybody know why Mozilla Firefox keeps trying to update itself and then tells me that there are files unable to update and then keeps trying to update every two minutes? I can't even open Mozilla now. I have to use *gag* Internet Explorer. Tips, advice? Should I blow it away and re-download...
  3. Akiko_the_Elf

    What do you listen to when you're feeling nostalgic?

    For me, the ultimate nostalgia song is "Nightswimming" by R.E.M. Any thoughts?
  4. Akiko_the_Elf

    Who actually went and saw Silent Hill?

    Did you actually go see Silent Hill? What did you think?
  5. Akiko_the_Elf

    LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace

    Does any one else have a LiveJournal, Xanga, or MySpace?
  6. Akiko_the_Elf

    Tattoos and piercings

    What kind of tattoos and piercings do you have if you have any?
  7. Akiko_the_Elf

    You have to try this one! You have to hit the tennis ball and see how long you can keep it in the air. My max was 47. Couldn't seem to make it to fifty.
  8. Akiko_the_Elf

    Best Concert of Your LIFE!!!

    What do you think the best concert that you've ever been to was?
  9. Akiko_the_Elf

    Def Jam Fight for NY

    Does any one know if there are any cheat codes for Def Jam Fight for NY? It's a good game, but it's time consuming. I just wanna get all the crap I can unlocked. I guess if there was a cheat code to do that for me, then I'd play for days and days! :o
  10. Akiko_the_Elf

    An Oldie, but a Goodie!

    I was at the old Emu-Zone forums! Oh dear Lord it's been a long time since I've been here!!!! I can't remember if my name was Akiko or Ryoko, but Deez would remember me. I had the same Ava then that I do now. I missed the Emu-Zone so much!!! I was so distraught when it was like shut down or...