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  1. ulaoulao

    Bliss-Box Bridge

    I have used EZ for a long time and it was the forums I first advertised and talked about the Bliss-Box. So I'd figured I'd continue that trend. Bliss-box has had a lot of products here and there but the Bridge is something new. Although it is made to work with the Bliss-Box, it is possible it...
  2. ulaoulao

    The end in hear.

  3. ulaoulao


    Maybe a good time to add Flycast to the dreamcast list. as it just got D3d support. build bots available here
  4. ulaoulao

    switch emulators?

    Are there any plans to get a switch section up and running? Both top emulators are nearly perfect... Nintendo Switch Emulator Selection Guide Nintendo Switch Emulator For PC Yuzu Emulator <-- amazing. Ryujinx <-- my runner up Cemu Emulator <-- have not tried for switch. Nintendo Switch...
  5. ulaoulao

    retro online gaming hub

    Putting together a place to talk about online retro gaming. Lots of cool link up already.
  6. ulaoulao

    DC emulators missing.

    I was playing with DC emulation this weekend and noticed a few great emulators missing. Redream. - Just simply amazing! Reicast - Mainly for android but apparently also for windows. Makaron not sure of the home page? - not being developed.
  7. ulaoulao

    the "new post" button action.

    I have had a few cases where I click the new post button and type my message. Once done I hit that same button because it is right there and feels right, only to find my post disappears. I finally found a work around. Just hit cntlr Z (undo) and all my text is back. Though I think it would be...
  8. ulaoulao

    dolphin 5.0
  9. ulaoulao

    CEMU a reall wiiU emulator is here. Here it is booting NO, it's not playable ! It's progress.
  10. ulaoulao

    ePSXe 2.0.2 for windows have been released.

    This version has PSX CPU overclocking!
  11. ulaoulao

    bumbed out on saturn emulation?

    I just wanted to let the community know that (not affiliated) has been kicking butt! We just hosted a 10 player bomber man party and it was amazing. We tried ssf but just could not get it working. I felt many of the struggles so many have posted about before. Tried yabause and in a...
  12. ulaoulao

    Pertfect gamecube wii rig.

    Well here it is, my system is now as fast as my GC/wii. Intel i5 4690k Haswell @ 43Ghz. Asroxck z97 Extreme 4 with second OC default settings (There are 3 levels). I could do this manual and hit 4.7 but really, there is no need. 16mn Mushkin (992070) running at 932.8Mhz 10,10,10,27 Win7 64...
  13. ulaoulao

    pg64 2.2 and source. hmm, so far it was not an april fools joke..

    pj64 finally release 2.2 and I here the source is legit as well. It's time to make this emulator glow like dolphin ;) Here is the latest remember about bloat ware, they use installers and try to install stuff on your computer. source
  14. ulaoulao

    Dolphin now emulates the WiiU

    These Dolphin guys are amazing, there is no stopping them. Check out the latest progress report by the Dolphin team.
  15. ulaoulao

    The Wii-U emualtor !!!

    Yes there are a lot of you tube videos showing a working wii-U emulator and many sites advertise that they also have one. There are also many videos and sites that sell fake, unrealistic, and other Trojan House like traps to trick you for a number of things. When looking for an emulator the...
  16. ulaoulao

    3ds news

    This is from the Dolphin project.
  17. ulaoulao

    dolphin busting down the doors!

    Check this out!
  18. ulaoulao

    QuickPlay fans

    Heads up Quick-play has found a new lead developer. Links would not transfer over.
  19. ulaoulao

    project 64 open sourc project.

    BTW: most people dont know about this but the P64 is now open source and this is the front runner. I dont see any binaries but looks easy to build. I may try it and i'll link to the binary I make.
  20. ulaoulao

    Calling all coders, bsnes related

    INFO: For thought that dont know bsnes is a %100 complete snes emulator. What does that mean? Well it means there are 0 bugs. Every rom works %100! What is higan, its a new gui to bsnes. Snes SDK is an open source SDK that will emulate roms. What is this post about? Make a better GUI... So...