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  1. ScissorsForDays

    Pcs and Consoles

    CalinCool made a forum, and he wanted me to advertise for it. So here it is. It's a forum about gaming consoles, computers, and the internet in general.
  2. ScissorsForDays

    Enlighten Me About Blogs, Please

    I'm sorry if there was some explanation to this somewhere way back, but I'm a relatively new user, and I have no idea how to make a blog. I'm interested in making one, as writing is one of my favorite hobbies, so could someone explain how to make one? If I'm prohibited from making one because...
  3. ScissorsForDays

    Oscar Mayer Commercials Seem Familiar...

    Don't hate, the reason I put this in the media & entertainment forum is that is has to do with television commercials. Does anyone else remember the Subway commercials that followed this template "Child asks unreasonable question, parent says no. Repeat 8 or so times, then cut to child asking if...
  4. ScissorsForDays

    This is me

    Hello! I'm ScissorsForDays, which is meant to sound as strange and mentally unstable as it does. I'm new to this forum and the art of emulation, so please excuse my noobishness. I'm an otaku(anime fan for all you non-otakus) and I particularly enjoy listening to Vocaloid music. I really like to...
  5. ScissorsForDays

    Emulator Problem: Nestopia Recording Issues

    I have Nestopia, and recorded myself playing Final Fantasy 1. I exported it as an AVI with all the default settings, and when I played it back the graphics were extremely blurry and pixelated to the point where it was impossible to read any text or tell the differences between some NPCs. Is...