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  1. ulaoulao

    Bliss-Box Bridge

    I have used EZ for a long time and it was the forums I first advertised and talked about the Bliss-Box. So I'd figured I'd continue that trend. Bliss-box has had a lot of products here and there but the Bridge is something new. Although it is made to work with the Bliss-Box, it is possible it...
  2. ulaoulao

    Sega Menacer Light Gun Problem

    Long shot here but could it be because you told the emulator you have a gun plugged in? Since there is no start button on the gun maybe start will not work?
  3. ulaoulao

    The end in hear.

  4. ulaoulao

    Xbox Controllers

    Some emulators will not work with xinput, (either of those). HID was the standard for many years. and recent emulators used xinput. Some only xinput, its a mess but that's why adapters exist that do both. is the best for HID (if you have originals), where xbox like are the best...
  5. ulaoulao


    Maybe a good time to add Flycast to the dreamcast list. as it just got D3d support. build bots available here
  6. ulaoulao

    Gameboy Advance Multiplayer

    This file you keep sharing seems to be suspicious.. if you think this is an emulator, link to a write up, not a random file.
  7. ulaoulao

    switch emulators?

    Are there any plans to get a switch section up and running? Both top emulators are nearly perfect... Nintendo Switch Emulator Selection Guide Nintendo Switch Emulator For PC Yuzu Emulator <-- amazing. Ryujinx <-- my runner up Cemu Emulator <-- have not tried for switch. Nintendo Switch...
  8. ulaoulao

    Best Intellivision Emulator

    ah, I didn't get a chance to fact check but I'm pretty sure that Intellivision was not a Nintendo console. " Nintendo Emulation & Games "
  9. ulaoulao

    Where did you get your online name from?

    a ghost town where I grew up. I tehinicly lived in a down called Ulao but not many people knew about it. There was a limit on the name length when I started here so I doubled it.
  10. ulaoulao

    Project 64 controller recognition issue

    what plugin, can you take a screen shot of the settings?
  11. ulaoulao

    o_O Magic Engine 1.1.3, you have got to be kidding.

    The point is not to emulate PC-FX or TG16, its to use the BEST emulator. Granted, if you make the BEST emulator I can see why you would want money, but the point here is you're charging for something that exploits company. I do not care how good it is, its not right to make money by stealing IP...
  12. ulaoulao

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Freeze

    I have this with Axiom verge recently. For me it's ever once in a while the emulator just slows way down. Like it pauses and then resumes. Runs ok for a bit and then repeats. Never had this before the 11th.
  13. ulaoulao

    o_O Magic Engine 1.1.3, you have got to be kidding.

    yeah I too get sick of that pay for emulation stuff, I mean I get the hard work... Besides, most people that emulate can figure out a crack... I think people that make money by using someone else IP, is a bad thing anyways.
  14. ulaoulao

    3D Stix 400 and Dolphin

    The dolphin project pretty much removed all of the old stuff because they think there code works best. So I do not think you can use anything else now. If stix can convert the data to a controller, your could use it that way. Honestly your best bet is to fix the issue with win10 and I'd suggest...
  15. ulaoulao

    Emulation Netplay Discord Server (Retro Survivors)

    There is a new one that works.
  16. ulaoulao

    Doubt N64 emulation

    LOL, no one is going to write a good accurate n64 emulator on a whim. CEN64 is being rewritten for a better GUI, just give it time. You forgot to do something _DATA: push eax, lid eax ori eax rjmp doThis rjmp doThat pop eax, Etc...
  17. ulaoulao

    Doubt N64 emulation

    Guessing by accurate you man playable? The most accurate n64 is It's a cycle redundant emulator made to be accurate. n64 emulation really was the first of its kind and designed to NOT be accurate for limitation of a PC. Actually all emulators really are guesswork, but they...
  18. ulaoulao

    retro online gaming hub

    Putting together a place to talk about online retro gaming. Lots of cool link up already.
  19. ulaoulao

    DC emulators missing.

    I was playing with DC emulation this weekend and noticed a few great emulators missing. Redream. - Just simply amazing! Reicast - Mainly for android but apparently also for windows. Makaron not sure of the home page? - not being developed.
  20. ulaoulao

    the "new post" button action.

    I have had a few cases where I click the new post button and type my message. Once done I hit that same button because it is right there and feels right, only to find my post disappears. I finally found a work around. Just hit cntlr Z (undo) and all my text is back. Though I think it would be...