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    Dosbox problem

    i tried to run an old dos game on dosbox,but when i tried it says that game cannot run with an EMM driver,please remove EMM driver from config .sys can anyone tell me what i am supposed to do?
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    Help needed in FF9

    Ok i am playign FF9 on epsxe,the game works fine and is great,but can anyone tell me how i can fight,i can only fight in one style that is hit the eemy with the sword basically melee fighting,how can i do magic and stuff becasue i need to heal Princess Garnet in a fight any help would be appreciated
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    Petes Open Gl drivers

    Whihc Petes Open GL drivers for graphic card should i use for runninig epsxe,the computer i am using to play playstation games is quite crappy,that is its got Geforce 2(64 mb),256 mb ram,so And plz can you post a link of the place so can i download the drivers
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    Final Fantasy Games

    Do all Final Fanatasy games have turn based combat systems
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    EPSXE1.6.1 or Bleem

    Is Epsxe 1.6.1 better than the latest version of bleem
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    Latest Emulators

    Are teh emulators in this site the latest emulators,like Visual boy advance 1.7.2,is it the latest GBA emulator
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    Please remember that the more gameboy's you emulat

    Please remember that the more gameboy's you emulate,more powerful your comp should be can anyone please explain this
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    are the graphics very bad if i run PS2 games on my PC
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    i wanted to ask,can emulators affect the computer in any way,you know make it slow,,things like that