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    Which are the retro emulators?
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    Does fusion emulator have action replay codes?
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    for arcade

    How to save and load on the mame emulator?
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    Is there setup guide for ps3 emulator?
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    Does epsxe have fast forward button?
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    How can i reduce the speed of fast forward button on visual boy advance?
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    Are there sites that i can hear songs?
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    Which is the best setup guide for the msx emulator?
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    crash bandicoot

    How to get all boxes on the crash bandicoot playstation 1 game?
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    donkey kong

    How many stages are there on the Donkey Kong Jr.?
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    for 3ds

    Is there tutorial for 3ds emulator?
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    donkey kong

    Is there donkey kong pc game?
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    parasol stars

    Can you show me screenshots of the parasol stars commodore 64 game?
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    about mame32

    Which is the best tutorial for mameuifx?
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    for mame

    How to play mame games with gamepad?
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    nintendo switch

    When the emulator of nintendo switch will release?
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    Which is the best tutorial for epsxe emulator?
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    Which is the best setup guide for epsxe?
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    xbox 360

    Where can i download the xbox 360 emulator? Also, i would want ask if there is setup guide for the xbox 360 emulator.
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    for google chrome

    How to do the startup of google chrome superfast?