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    Sort of retro I suppose?

    I grew up with GBA and N64, so I guess I'm not technically a "Retro" gamer, though I do enjoy the classics. Some personal faves are: -Pokemon Platinum - NDS -Pokemon Stadium - N64 -LOZ: Ocarina Of Time - N64 -Fallout 3 - 360 -Super Smash Bros Melee - Gamecube -DK Rumble (I think it's called...
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    Emulator Problem: VisualBoyAdvanced on an Ancient Macbook

    I'm trying to set up VBA on a Macbook running OS X (Lion, and yes I know it's ancient). I downloaded a version of VBA that is supposed to work on this version, but when I click on it's icon in my dock, it just bounces. Any tips as to how to get this fixed? (Other than buying a new laptop?)