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    BizHawk - ZX Spectrum: How can step the tap loading?

    i'm trying using the BizHawk, but i have some problems. i'm trying, now, using the ZXSpectrum core.... the tape loading is very nowing.... can i skip the tap loading?
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    BizHawk emulator: ZXSpectrum: can i avoid the tape loading?

    finally i'm working with Spectrum... i changed the options for 48K-128... that's why, now i can load the Spectrum roms... but can i avoid the tape loading? it's take several time to start play and, for me, is a waste of some time
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    C++: it's good programing use functions on a struct?

    i know the structure accept functions, but it's a good practice doing it?
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    how use BizHawk emulator?

    i'm learning how use the BizHawk emulator, but i'm getting some problems: 1 - the Sega Saturn seems slow; 2 - i can't play Spectrum games.. i choose the game\rom, but i get the Spectrum screen error(i mean the black screen with vertical red lines. can anyone explain more about these problems? i...
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    why the hotmail don't recive your mail?

    normaly i use the hotmail and not gmail... when i registed, i use the hotmail, but i didn't recived the Activation Mail... so i used the gmail, and i recived.... why these happens?