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  1. Tomtaru

    Citra on Steam Link worked like a charm!

    Today I wanted to try and play a particular 3ds game on DA BIG SCREEN. My Steam Link is just gathering dust so I thought.. hey, can't you add non steam things to steam.. I wonder... a little bit of finetuning later and.. voila! Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux for 3DS, on steam...
  2. Tomtaru

    The ban game

    Alright, so this section seems rather empty... Lots and lots emptier than when I was here years ago.... Time to bring in a classic! Let's ban people, we all love doing that with our favourite, imaginary banweaponry ( the Bancake is taken, go find your own!) So the point of this game is...
  3. Tomtaru

    Visualboy advance on PS3

    Hiya guys...long time no eh read.... I recently got myself a PS3 (40 gig version with no PS2 compatibility) and installed the Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy Gibbon I believe) Linux distro on it. I even got the Visualboy advance up and running... but the problem is that it runs only at 25%... Does anyone...
  4. Tomtaru

    Dejap download thingy

    I've downloaded that translation pack thingy on the Dejap site for bahamut lagoon but how does it work:huh: ??
  5. Tomtaru

    Infrared Com port

    i was wondering if it would be possible to create a program that emulates the infrared port of the gameboy color using the infrared port in a laptop so that you can link themup and do for example the "secret gift" of pokemon G/S/C?
  6. Tomtaru

    Steering wheel

    I wanna get me a Playstation2 steering wheel for play with Nfsu2. What would be the best choice considering this game?
  7. Tomtaru

    Rumblepack emulation

    Is it possible to emulate a rumble pack with pj64? I'm using a "Logitech Wingman Rumblepad" and was wondering if it could be done and what game to best test it with I have tried with the N-rage controller plugin but got no results.
  8. Tomtaru


    Does anybody knows a good place to get them if they aren't illegal....?
  9. Tomtaru

    PSinex Launcher

    so,.... what is it?
  10. Tomtaru

    Getting DirectX 9.0c on non-internet PC

    is there anyway to get this on a non-internet PC?
  11. Tomtaru

    PSone Iso creation

    Iso's are legal if you own the original game right? Well, my PSone is busted and I have to wait a long time to get it fixed but I want to play the games now :D (impatient me) but what program is best to create the Iso with? I tried with WinISO but the Iso wouldn't start on my emu (PSXeven is...
  12. Tomtaru

    The Meaning of Life

    I have found it, it was on >>THIS<< site all along :p
  13. Tomtaru

    Post your pet!

    Aren't thy nice? :D
  14. Tomtaru

    RPG list for GB, GBC, GBA

    I am a huge RPG-fan do you know any good original RPG for these systems?
  15. Tomtaru

    Word changing

    You start with a word and someone changes or deletes or adds a letter to that word (only one thing at a time) the goal is to see how long we can keep this up example: Bright->Right->Fright->... ok the first word is Truck
  16. Tomtaru

    PSXeven cdr plugin

    Does anyone know where to get other plugins cause when I try to start a CD I only get the screen where you can select MC or CD_player.
  17. Tomtaru

    PSOne CD Builder

    Does anyone know where to get this program? I seem to only find broken links :dry:
  18. Tomtaru

    The gay-o-meter

    Da meter that is da meter tell us da % of you being gay Tomtaru is 20% gay!
  19. Tomtaru

    aGBe question

    Burning Notes: Make sure that you have these files in the main directory: SYSTEM.CNF MAIN.EXE AGBEBANK.BIN ^this is what the read me files says about burning but where or how do I make AGBEBANK.BIN?
  20. Tomtaru

    The Pre-Generation console wars

    Forget the pre-generation consoles we must not do so vote in this poll me must I pick playstation because thats the console my parents bought me....