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  1. Touko White

    Do any of you use virtual machines

    Just wondering. I do, I have OS's of the following: XP SP2 Neptune Build 5111 Longhorn Build 4074 Vista SP2 Thanks!
  2. Touko White

    Hello to Emulator-Zone!

    Hello! My name is Jamie White, I'm female, living in southeast England who is also the owner of the 101Gamers community website, which needs little explanation as to what it is about. I am interested mostly in computers and technology, especially surrounding Windows XP/Vista, forums...
  3. Touko White

    No$sns 1.6 released Notably Martin decided to add SNES-CD support. * snes-cd: emulates snes-cd (requires SFX-100.BIN bios rom-image in BIOS folder) (supports .iso 920h bytes/sector or single track .cue/.bin 800h bytes/sector) (supports .iso with xa-adpcm and cd-da, .iso is...
  4. Touko White

    Username change request

    Hi, Can someone change my username to Cammygirl192 on this forum please? Thanks.
  5. Touko White

    nemulator v4.0 released (Adds SMS emulation) Nemulator 4.0 has been released. 1/9/2016 nemulator 4.0 Sega Master System emulation nemulator now emulates the Sega Master System! Please note that rom path configuration has changed. Check...
  6. Touko White

    Nestopia UE 1.47

    From the official page: 1.47 is out. The biggest things worth mentioning are the OS X port and the APU desync bug being (hopefully) fixed. There is experimental support for NES 2.0 submappers, which may or may not be 100% correct. The cross-platformbuild now requires OpenGL 3.2. Changelog...
  7. Touko White


    Basically you wish for something, then somebody else posts back granting the wish, with something go wrong. Like so: If that's an idea on how to play, it probably is. I wish people didn't moan about Windows Vista when it was a good OS.
  8. Touko White

    Kawaks not reading SF2CE

    I have: Kawaks (CPS1/CPS2/NEOGEO emulator) downloaded from Emulator-Zone Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (World 920313) It was working fine up until today, I changed the drive letter path from J to L because I moved the external hard drive all my emulation stuff is on to another USB drive...
  9. Touko White

    Requesting new emulator additions

    Some emulators that might be worth adding here: Yanese (x32 and x64) = Pretty good NES emulator. Last update was on 21/09/2015. puNES = The most accurate NES emulator currently available. SNESGT = SNES emulator with high compatibility. (Hasn't been...
  10. Touko White

    PJ64 2

    I understand it was taken off for including malware in the installer, however, couldn't the source for the latest PJ64 release be compiled manually, and put onto this site? Or alternatively include a zip of the PJ64 2 source on the site and the 1.6 installer.
  11. Touko White

    making an emulator?

    I haven't got any programming experience outside of most of HTML4 and some of CSS1. However, some time maybe, I would make an NES or Gameboy (monochrome) emulator, and would like to know what free programming language would be good for this? I'm also thinking of implementing a plugin system...
  12. Touko White

    Merge bsnes and higan

    This is kept short, but higan is basically the new bsnes and I think they should be merged, with the last bsnes download on the higan page and the current higan build. Thoughts?
  13. Touko White

    Best N64 emulator?

    Some people like project64, some mupen64, some 1964 or others. I personally use Mupen64++ to emulate N64 games as it is similar to the excellent Mupen64, but is a bit improved (and comes with the Rice Plugin, because netbooks don't like DirectX). However there hasn't been an update in ages -...
  14. Touko White

    Spambot Protections beside the current ones

    Account activation and CAPTCHAs don't do anything other than twart real users, spammers found ways around those long ago. I think we need something like this: Proxy protection, which can probably be embedded into the register and login pages. A hidden text box or such that only bots can see...
  15. Touko White

    Termingamer's Joined!

    Hi, I'm Termingamer2-JD, I run on a netbook. I'm a Brit so don't be a git. Hm, does that make sense? Seems to me that Snes9x and FCEUX work good on my XP netbook, and I find Emulator Zone provides a good way to download the emulator, so I will be at these forums regularly. You can also find me...