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    How to Get Coins in FIFA 21

    This is going to be a guide of tips and tricks I have learned from playing FIFA, I have also looked into different patterns I have noticed with trading. 1. Start off your club: Open up your starter packs, look at what you have. I’d recommend selling all this, although they will rise in price...
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    FIFA 21 features: what you can see on PS5 and Xbox Series X

    FIFA 21 is released on PS5 and Xbox Series X to tie in with those consoles’ Holiday launches, but EA hasn’t yet gone into detail on the next-gen versions. It has admitted, however, that haptic feedback is an area of focus: “Sense the impact of shots, passes, catches, kicks, tackles, and hits...
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    FIFA 21: What feature would you like to see?

    Well, I would love to see the impact of individual managers more, and actual manager movement. I'd love for the game to identify how certain managers play, and have them move from team to team like IRL, and not just stay at the same team for 15 years. I think it'd be great to be asked about a...