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    PUAE core for Retroarch: Multiple hard disks

    Are more than one hard disks (directory hard disks/HDFs) possible at the same time with the PUAE Amiga core for Retroarch? I can only use 'Files' directory OR puae_libretro.hdf, but not both together. I want to create HDFs for games, but it would be nice to be able to use Directory Opus to...
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    Flashback: How is the score calculated?

    I'm playing Flashback on SEGA Megadrive. How is the score calculated? I completed the game three times by now but my total score was: First round: 167244 Second round: 162xxx Third round: 155144 In the second round I died or failed 41 times, in the third round only 20 times, so why is the...
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    Sega CD Games with mp3 Files need cue file?

    I have a game iso with 26 additional mp3 files (Secret of Monkey Island), do I need a cue file for this? If yes, how does it have to look like?
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    Amiga: How to get DataTypes system working?

    How is the DataTypes system installed correctly?
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    Retroarch Android: A way to disable Mouse (PUAE Amiga core)?

    It seems the Mouse tap and swipe input can not be deactivated when using the PUAE Amiga core, it leads to conflicts with the Joystick input when a game allows both input devices at the same time. Or is there a solution?
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    Retroarch Android: Playstation 1 cores don't support .ISO files?

    It seems none of the four Playstation 1 cores (Beetle PSX HW/Beetle PSX/Duckstation/PCSX ReARMed) support the ISO file type. There is only an ISO image of 'Grand Theft Auto 2' available in the net, so it is not possible to play that game with Retroarch. I created a cue file, but that doesn't...
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    Retroarch multiple disk/drives/image configuration possible for a game?

    Retroarch Android: Multiple disk/drives/image configuration possible for a game? Is it possible to configure more than one disk for a game instead of having to 'load new disk' at each disk change? This would bei useful for Amiga games that consist of three or more disks which have to be changed...
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    Retroarch Atari ST core/game issue

    Retroarch Android: Atari ST core/game issue I have installed the only existing Atari ST core 'Hatari' and the TOS Image 1.02 US (United States region) which seems to be the only TOS image supported/needed by the Atari ST core. I named it 'tos.img' and put it in the Retroarch/system folder and...
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    Retroarch retropad issue

    Retroarch Android: 'retropad' touch issue I'm using Retroarch with PUAE Amiga core and 'retropad' overlay. Sometimes If I touch 'up' on the directional pad it triggers a 'fire' button tap at the same time. This happens in a trainer menu of the game 'Gods' and in the main menu of 'Alien Breed'...
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    when are .cue files really needed?

    Hi, I read .cue files are not needed when a game consists of only one bin or ISO File? What If that .cue File describes that Single bin File plus some audio Tracks?
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    Medal Of Honor Playstation 1: How do I get 3 Stars for a mission?

    In the mission 'Rooftops of Dachsmag' I have the following statistics, but got only ONE!!!! star for it: Accuracy: 82 % Hits taken: 13 Enemies killed: 22 I have also destroyed both trucks and at the end of the mission I had a health of 100% ???
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    Game Problem: Soviet Strike 'Strike Agent killed'

    I Just began playing this Game. In the First Level Crimea after some time it's Always 'Strike Agent killed' (SNAFU) and the Mission ist terminated and I Shall return to Base... What does this mean? I destroy the Radar Sites and other targets and suddenly the Game Always tells that a Strike...
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    Game Problem: Fade to black PS 1 can't enter open room

    Can not enter open room here: In the Game Fade to black in the corridor where there are a light square and then two pairs of dark squares I walk over the light square to Open the door at the end of the floor then jump over the dark squares without touching them then I jump over the second two...
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    Does anyone know If there is a Limit or maximum of weapon Power for the weapons (knife, throwing Stars etc.)? When you buy a weapon three Times you throw 3 of them at the same time, but If you buy the weapon a ninth or tenth time or so what is the weapon Power of them? Is there a Limit...
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    Emulator Problem: PTWOE for Android

    Does someone know this emulator? How to get it working, it complaints about a missing PS 2 BIOS. I have the BIOS, but the emulator refuses to detect and use it. DamonPS2 only works with OpenGL 3 which I don't have. Is there any good PS 2 emulator for Android?
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    Game Problem: Impossible Mission for PSP

    I have a version of this game for Playstation Portable which seem to have several bugs: After moving to the right area of the network of rooms I can not get to the left side again, because there is no way back, there are two rooms which lead to that left side, but even with lift resets it is...