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  1. toritele

    Problem with site: issue's with posts I make plus spammer's invading the blogs section plug blogging.

    ok so, i've had this issue since i first joined. anything i post won't show up on the forums and i'm unsure of how to fix this or if this is an issue with new accounts. if possible, please pm me or reply. thanks, toritele. edit: another issue that should have action taken is spammer's...
  2. toritele

    Opinions on some of these games?

    so, i got curious about what some people think about some of the games I will be listing here. are there any you haven't heard of or may recommend to that one friend who's "played them all"? well, i hope some of these games may or may not peek your intrest. --- Technic Beat for PS2 - a rhythm...
  3. toritele

    in with the new or whatever.

    welp, finally decided to join after a lot of consideration as i mostly am pulling away from major social media sites due to stress n whatnot(desprit times man). allow me to make an intro for myself since i do want people to get to know me a bit more. --- name?: noel... what? you think i'm...