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    Recomemended linux distro for beginers and experts
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    Japanese music best composers and artists

    1.Susumu Hirasawa multi instrument composer most know from create music for anime. 2. Wagakki Band genre rock 3.Dj Yoji Biomechanika hardstyle 4.Meiko Nakahara city pop Post your favorite artists.
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    RetroArch 1.9.10
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    Is linux superior in every point

    Just like in the title join discussion.
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    Freelancing first steps

    What are first steps to freelancing is anyone can be freelancer ? Share your thoughts and join discussion.
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    Sega Genesis Plus GX Wide core setup in Retroarch and other settings

    Sega Plus GX Wide is newest sega core based of gens its support higher resolutions. And we need some setup in drivers go to video->scaling->integer-scale. If you like other gui settings choose them in drivers->localization. Online updater and download all shaders. More soon.
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    What is true happiness for you

    Just like in title what means to feel true happiness and what it means for you. Share your thoughts.
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    MGBA Guide an ultimate gameboy emulator

    So first download MGBA on windows or linux: If you use Ubuntu choose one of packages im recomemnd to install gdebi its manually choose install from deb packages so sudo apt install gdebi. You can also use older version on debian installing by synaptic manager...
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    RetroArch 1.9.9 And for snap packages users on linux:
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    Dark theme for emulator zone

    Is there will be dark theme for forums ? Too bright light is bad for eyes which can hurting. I just asking.
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    Duckstation is back and other good cores

    Recently in retroarch 1.9.9 second core fork of duckstation called swanstation was removed. So author back to his orginal core and we have few other good cores im adding screen shot.
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    Emulators of mac os
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    Why to choose retroarch over standalone emulators

    Because is easy to maintain higly configurable multiplatform and easy to get. Retroarch gives retro feeling to next level also has tons of settings. On linux work without drivers unlike on windows. Or maybe drivers are build in. So im recomend to buy controller and try retroarch...
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    Which console or old computer is the best

    From your point of view which console or old pc is the best. For me nes and im not have favorite old computer. Reason is that nes have tons of games to play also its simple by design and easy to emulate.
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    Tech News: Windows WSL 2 More in second article.
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    Tech News: Intel Gaming videocards in 2022 More in article.
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    Tech News: New windows 11 will be on linux kernel
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    Croc 1&2 on Linux

    Croc is great but forgotten game for windows and im think for sega saturn is there any solution to play it with wine or with emulator ? How setup the game to use my esperanza fighter gx400 controller ? For those who never see the game i adding gameplay:
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    Emulator Release: RetroArch 1.9.7