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    Emulator Problem: Dolphin odd lag. help or tips please

    I am using Dolphin-win-x64-v3.0-867 with super smash bros Melee, through the in game menus it runs at full speed. In gameplay runs at full speed drops to %95 and between which doesn't hinder the gameplay. But every now and then it drops right down to %45 oddly enough this happens at points where...
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    New to MAME, Recommended games?

    Sorry if not in right place. So i got my hands on an arcade fight stick which ive wanted for fighting gaming and old arcade classics for awhile now but now im waiting for it to be shipped. So im just getting used to using MAMEUI 64 .0147 first and only one ive used. I am getting the good oldies...
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    Computer Problem: PC built for Emulation

    Hey everyone this is my first post so hopefully i'm in the right Forum never done this before help would be greatly appreciated. Im overseas right now and will be for a few months staying with family and found an old PC from 5-6years ago and i'm unsure about its specs.I dont know whats wrong...