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    Why would i always choose Console over a PC

    In this topic, i'm gonna explain, why would i chose to purchase a Console for gaming purposes over a Traditional PC . Although, i know how a pc work, i know how to assemble a PC, or choose the right hardware and software, when i have a choice between assemble a $500 PC, or purchase a console, i...
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    Best Emulator for Experience Sega Saturn

    So, back into 32 bit era, i didn't have a chance for owning Saturn and many incredible games it has I was wondering what's the best possible way so i can Play Saturn games such as Panzer Dragon, Aliens, etc..etc.. Thanks in advance
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    Emulator Problem: RetroArch PS3 Version, not update anything Online

    Despite that this Console was the Start of the RetroArch era, it has been left out with many issues despite PS3 is still popular and mostly usable, so my problem is i obtained a second handed ps3 mainly for using RetroArch, this is separate from my main PS3, i wanted to play Retro games, so i...