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  1. pix07

    Can not figure Mame to save my life.

    @DisneyRob Because most of them are on correct mame version if you want use all on them at once you need use final burn neo based of older mame versions. And by correct mame version im mean developers are writing "driver" for mame and disabled older game systems. The same with retroarch...
  2. pix07

    Why you should learn programming

    @antz You can work from home as freelancer if you have github account for posting your projects and skills which you can show. Github courses are here: You can also be sponsored there if you are creating software. Its called github sponsors.
  3. pix07

    shortcut question

    @Drewno what do you mean its standalone game or rom for emulator ?
  4. pix07

    PS1 Emulator for XBOX360 RGH

    @General Lee Working is here but no playstation core: For psx you need: If link dont work go here:
  5. pix07

    PS1 Emulator for XBOX360 RGH

    @General Lee Try retroarch with cores like: Get it from here:
  6. pix07

    i just wanna play super mario advance 4 :(

    @vixenskyfront Just change save type. And correct rom should have [!] in name. Other emulator is BGB and mGBA. You can also try mednaffen,ares,bizhawk and retroarch...
  7. pix07

    Import save files on delta emulator

    @Baronqg Retroarch is multisystem emulator for every platform. And most of emulators are incompatible with new and older version. Scroll down do ios and choose version for your os.
  8. pix07

    Import save files on delta emulator

    @Baronqg Which architecture that emulate ? Could you try retroarch? Or switch to other emulator
  9. pix07

    Best windows os?

    Most compatible is windows 7 but im dont know its support 8GB of ram or not.
  10. pix07

    Help with creativision emulator

    @DisneyRob I was find few: And from that site: Also:
  11. pix07

    anyone that uses retroarch on xbox?

    @markn96 You can change internal resolution its in the options. About saves you can create those if its enabled in core. And i think saves can be copied to xbox disk by ftp. For video "filters" you need download shaders from retroarch update option.
  12. pix07

    I'm trying to build orbital, but it needs "core.cmake".

    @Arthurfogo7 Its mean that in C++ you need to call one function to other if im understand well to quemu which is an iso emulator. You should edit core.h to use dependencies #include<depedency.h> or #include<depedency.c> Then cmake.core will be created automaticly. Emulator should use...
  13. pix07

    Methods to create software

  14. pix07

    Methods to create software

    1.UML 2.Scrum
  15. pix07

    VirtuaNES......Language Plug in not found...whats this?

    You cant its a bug in program because cant find language file which is included. Try Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) if you have better machine try punes. For use emulators as cores Retroarch or Bizhawk.
  16. pix07

    Why you should learn programming

    1. Grow in your current job Programming knowledge does not only benefit someone who works in computer science or related fields. For example, people who work in marketing, design, sales and customer relations for technology products can use programming training to grow their skill set at work...
  17. pix07

    Ares vs Bizhawk vs RetroArch vs Mednafen

    Which emulator/fronted is better and why ?
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  19. pix07

    My new game for NES. Project Commando :D

    @Commandos Will you add music to the game ? You can use tracker to compose it. Lmms has plugin called nescaline or something like that to compose 8 bit music.
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    @woolshush What os doyou have did you install latest updates is your pc overclocked did you check ram with memtest ? Also update drivers.