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  1. antz

    Which console or old computer is the best

    I also play a lot but mostly on PC
  2. antz

    Why you should learn programming

    thanks. I'm thinking about learning programming too
  3. antz

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Nope! Was not very good but watchable.
  4. antz

    What was the last movie you watched?

    FALL (2022) - 7/10 Great vertigo inducing cinematography and a thrilling first half, but it didn’t quite pan out as I was expecting.
  5. antz

    What are you playing right now?

    I like faucet games at I play them almost every day just to test my gaming skills, complete missions and undertake tasks. In this game I can get free coins while playing, it's pretty entertaining. Great way to have some fun and earn extra coins while...
  6. antz

    What is true happiness for you

    freedome to do what I want