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  1. ThunderStrike

    Just Cause demo do you get glitches ?

    I got the demo and I get blue images in the sky, I have a pny Nvidia GeForce6200 256MB pci only not express or AGP. What I want to know is could the card be faulty or is the game like that on PC's with pci express x16. :)
  2. ThunderStrike

    X-MEN COTA special moves trouble.

    :my_withst :birthday: I got Mame32 version 110, just got the latest one mame32 115 not installed it yet :( I have a problem with X-MEN COTA Euro ) also USA . When I play I can do all the down forward 2 punch ice beam type moves but I cannot do any down back and 2 punch for instance Colossus...
  3. ThunderStrike

    EPSXE with Intel gma 900 whats the best config

    Hello and I hope to post regularly, I have a question for you, I got the playstation emulator Epsxe i got the resent Petes plugins, D3d, Opengl, also the soft plugin. I have a good display with the soft and open GL, but with some config settins i get a sort of fuzzy look to polygons. I also...