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    Emulator Problem: snes9x problem

    when i want to delete a game from the snes9x emulator I find no way to do it after I finish a game I want to delete it so that I will have a clean place to install a new one.or I just don't want the clutter when I wish to try a new game I have to run through a group to find the one I want.
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    I love rpg games

    I have run the gamut from everquest to warcraft and some smaller ones in between. I am 84 years of age spent 22 yrs in the military and a vet from WW2 and Vietnam.China.Japan.Danang. Got out after ww2 and then went back in.I find this site the most helpful of any I have ever entered. Currently...
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    Game Problem: legend of the seven stars

    has anyone ever finished this..I get to th place where you have to jump 2 yellow blocks in the tower and can never do it. I used a rom on my computer and I bought the game for my wii...couldnt finish on either