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    hey guys, a got a question :)

    Maybe this question was answered before but i didn't read it . this is the question. How can i make .iso from a ps1 cd ? Example: I have a cd Crash-Bandicoot and i have to return it in 3 days. how can i make .iso from it ? tnx in advance
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    A question.

    I'm newbie with this Sega thing, but i have a question. Is there an emulator for Sega Mega Drive games?
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    Problems with Kawaks.

    How can i update the gamelist in Kawaks? Some games are not listed in there :mad:
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    How can i update the game list in Kawaks because some games are not listed in there.
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    Can you help me out please?

    I downloaded the latest MAME32. Then i download some roms: Cadilacs and dinosaurs, miss world and they just work fine. Then i downloaded The King Of Fighters. I put them to the ROMs folder but when i open mame32 cadilacs and miss world are in the games list, but king of fighters is not? I...