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    MAME Performance Help Suggestions ?

    On some games that don't run well due to my computer limitations, I use settings such as . . . ddraw 1 switchres 1 resolution 640x480x16 triplebuffer 0 frameskip 6 hwstretch 0 scanlines 1 rdtsc 1 and it makes the game totally playable, MAMEs README states frameskip operates at (1-12frames/sec)...
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    MAME #VERSION Recommendations ?

    My experience with MAME is limited. And as I'm looking into it again after a long time I notice it might suffer from slight performance degradation with certain ROM's as the #VERSIONs evolve. Tho I don't have the experience yet to know if that's a natural side effect of more accurate...
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    ( game | rom ) ( checksum | hash | verify ) help

    my experience lies with, snes, cps2, neogeo which i can just use NSRT and MAME to verify all checksums with. although i emulate them with ZSNESW and WinKawaks my question includes but is not limited to old roms such as sega genesis, so this is nothing new.. but yeah Iv been out of emulators for...
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    SNES Game | List Recommendations Please

    Here are my current games. Its just my list in alphabetical order, some are awsome others not so much. Please make recommendations for game(s) i am missing. From preferably but not limited to (2) categories I can think of at the moment. #1) Games you like or are enjoyable. #2) Games you...